How To Use Ginger For Weight Loss

Find the best way to use ginger for weight loss and also find other beneficial effects of ginger on our body. Learn to use ginger in the different recipe to lose weight fast.

Benefits of Ginger Tea for Weight Loss

The root of ginger is a popular oriental spice, this spice is used both as a spice in cooking, and for the treatment of colds, and is especially popular for losing weight.

Ginger contains a substance such as a gingerol, which helps to accelerate digestion and improve metabolic processes in the body, thereby removing excess kilograms.

Serious research activities to study the effect of ginger root on the human body was not carried out. But, nevertheless, this root is an unusually useful seasoning, an additive for the normalization of the functioning of the digestive system. Ginger takes part in the normalization of the disturbed balance of the intestine, and it interferes with the process of accumulation of bad cholesterol and lipoproteins, cholesterol, as is known, accumulates in the blood vessels and forms cholesteric plaques.

In addition, ginger reduces the level of total cholesterol, cleanses the gastrointestinal tract, neutralizes and removes toxins. By its impact on the gastrointestinal tract, it saves a person from extra pounds. Therefore, its use for weight loss has a place to be. In addition to losing weight, ginger has many useful properties and naturally its contraindications.

Using ginger for weight loss, do not forget to take care of the freshness of this root.

Find fresh ginger

To determine the freshness of this root, you just need to look at the skin, and if it is wrinkled, it indicates its long shelf life. Store the ginger root in the refrigerator for one week. For longer storage, it can be frozen and stored for three months. If you do not have a fresh ginger root for some reason, use ginger instead.

Well, now we really got to where we were going, the most popular is ginger for weight loss in the form of tea, in its various combinations and methods of preparation.

How to use ginger for weight loss

Here are the different methods to use with ginger for weight loss.

ginger tea

Ginger tea for effective weight loss

Those who use ginger tea for weight loss note that it is the first and most effective among similar teas. You can drink it instead of regular tea or coffee in the morning, for dinner, and in the evening. Ginger tea drunk instead of food dulls the feeling of hunger and this is also a positive effect, due to which weight is reduced. And when losing weight, drink ginger tea, instead of the usual tea and you just do not want to, eat tea cake or cookies.

And of course, we are asking how to make this miracle tea. The easiest way to make ginger tea is to grind the root of ginger, for one glass of tea, one teaspoon is enough, pour it with boiling water and let it steep for a while. After adding a slice of lemon, and to your taste honey. This tea will speed up your metabolism, and you will get a dose of benefit at any time of the day. In order to most effectively use ginger tea for weight loss, you need to take it for half an hour before a meal to reduce your hunger and speed up the metabolism.

The following recipe for tasty ginger tea is no less effective. To do this, take about 20 grams of fresh and crushed ginger root and mix with 60 grams of fresh mint leaves. Pour all the boiling water and let it brew for 30 minutes. Then strain and add ΒΌ of orange juice and 1/3 tbsp. fresh lemon juice. This tea is recommended to drink chilled so that the useful properties of added citrus fruits do not lose.

Ginger salad

Ginger salad

Of course, ginger tea is very common, but you can also use this plant in another form. For example, when unloading days, in obtaining good results, helps ginger salad for weight loss. To do this, you will need the orange peel, a root of ginger and celery, lemon, beetroot (baked in the oven), fresh carrots. All cut, mix in a ratio of 1: 1: 1: 2: 2: 3 and add the vegetable oil.

And also, weight loss is promoted by chewing ginger root in the intervals between meals, especially during holidays and a large feast.

And do not fool yourself with the illusions that twice having drunk tea with ginger, you immediately lose weight. After all, this process is quite long, and only with its regular use, for several months, you will see a noticeable result. The use of ginger throughout the year can save more than ten kilograms. As it became clear, though losing weight and not fast, as with strict diets, but the effect of weight loss is more long and persistent. This is due to the fact that the body switches to another model in the splitting of energy. Therefore, be patient, and get the desired result!

And you know that ginger is useful not only for losing weight but also it is effective with fighting colds?

Personally, I use a ginger drink with the first signs of a cold, everyone can prepare this drink, there would be a desire.

Ginger drink recipe

You will necessarily need the root of ginger, a slice of lemon and honey, the composition can already be understood, as it is the useful ginger drink for colds.

Take a small piece of ginger about the size of a walnut, chop it through a grater (instead of the root of ginger you can take 1/2 teaspoon ground ginger), pour it with boiling water in 200ml, let it brew for about 10 minutes add lemon and honey to your taste. Here is such a simple recipe for the ginger drink, I hope this recipe will help you in the fight against colds, in everyday life.

Few more ginger recipes

ginger to increase metabolism
  1. Orange spice, put in a peppermint blender (60 grams in leaves), half a spoonful of grated ginger root and a pinch of cardamon. All this mix. Fill a glass of boiling water, let it brew for about half an hour. Next, strain and add a quarter of a glass of orange juice and almost half a glass of lemon juice. Of course, these juices must be freshly squeezed. Allow to cool. Such a recipe for weight loss can and offer to your guests by decorating glasses with mint.
  2. Green tea for weight loss with the addition of a pinch of dry root. It turns out a healing drink that is very tasty (for an amateur of course) in parallel it will help you in normalizing the weight, well, and also relieve coughing attacks with a cold.
  3. Sweet-sour drink, squeeze 2 lemons and add as much boiling water to make 300 ml is about one and a half cup. To taste add honey, usually two teaspoons. Stir everything, add a few slices of the finely chopped ginger root. Some gourmets suggest splashing into the resulting mixture of a little whiskey, for raising your spirits, but not necessarily! This drink incredibly warms in a cold winter and increases the tone of the body.

If ginger has come to your taste, then in principle it can be added to various dishes. But do not forget that anything in excess is harmful.

Effect of ginger on our body:

Ginger not only helps with weight loss or cold but it also has many benefits to our body.

  1. It exerts a tonic stimulating effect.
  2. Ginger consists of antiseptic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory action property.
  3. It has choleretic and mild laxative action.
  4. It also help a people with migraines.
  5. It consists of anthelmintic effect.
  6. It calms muscular and rheumatic pains.
  7. Ginger can help with problems with digestion.
  8. It is a natural antidote for fungal poisoning.
  9. Ginger helps to reduces total cholesterol.
  10. Ginger is known for strengthening the sexual desire.

Remember that with excessive use of ginger root, nausea and heartburn may occur. You can certainly take a consultation with a dietician doctor, for more rational use. Do not use ginger to people who are allergic to this product, people suffering from a stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, the contraindication will be high fever and various bleeding. Well, of course, many mothers after the birth of the child want to lose weight, and if you are breastfeeding the baby, it is better to refrain from this method of losing weight. Use it only, then when the baby grows up, and you stop feeding it with breast milk.

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