Resistance Bands Vs Free Weights

Find what is better in the article resistance bands Vs free weight. Learn what is the advantage of using resistance band and difference between resistance band and free weight.

Resistance Bands Vs Free Weights

Weight loss training programs are divided into two types of exercises, cardio and strength (with weights). Strength training increases muscle mass, makes you stronger and allows you to progress to more serious burdens. To carry out such training will require sports equipment, from simple dumbbells to complex simulators. To perform simple exercises, most often used free weight or resistance band. These representatives of sports equipment are widely available and allow you to perform a large number of exercises.

But, it is worth knowing that free weight and resistance band have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are in doubt, and you cannot decide between these sports equipment, let us, based on the experience of many years of training, share with you an opinion that may help you make the right choice.

Resistance Bands Vs Free Weights

So, the main difference between the band and the free weight is the regulation of the load. Resistance band do not give such freedom of choice of loads as dumbbells.

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Here they win because if you have a collapsible dumbbell (allowing you to change its weight), or a set of stationary dumbbells, you can easily vary the degree of burden in your training. As a rule, the weight of dumbbells varies from 0.5 to 50 kg or more, and you can easily find the most comfortable load for yourself.

Sports resistance band do not give such freedom of choice. Over time, progressing in training, you will need to increase the load, and then you will have to purchase a new expander with a lot of resistance. Also, it is worth that dumbbells give more options for doing exercises than the resistance band.

Free weight has an advantage in aerobic training, where during their execution, free weights are required, as, for example, during running, jumping, squats or attacks. Resistance band in this regard are less effective because when dealing with them, you will not have such mobility. But, the band are more effective in developing muscle flexibility. And, the resistance band can be fastened at the top of the doorway, or attached to a pillar in the yard, and carry out thrusts down to strengthen the muscles of the back.

If we talk about travel and transportation, then there is clearly a plus for the Resistance band. They are light, made of rubber, do not require a lot of storage space, and are placed in virtually any small bag. Even if in your training you will use three different color bands, then all of them can be stored in one drawer. Of course, you cannot say anything about free weight. And it is difficult to imagine a situation when someone, going on a trip, takes with him a set of dumbbells.

As for the price, the resistance band will be much cheaper than the middle dumbbell, and even more so of their whole set. And the dumbbell is heavier, the more expensive it is. But, it’s not always easy to find a suitable resistance band in stores. Now, of course, there is a wide range of sports goods on the market, but I remember the time when we had to bypass a couple of hypermarkets, several sports stores, and spend a total of 2 weeks time before we could find a suitable Resistance band.

For fitness goal, both free weight and a resistance band are good. Here, much more important is the type of training, diet, and training. And do not forget that each of us has his own physique and genetics, and we all lose weight in different ways.

And of course, safety in training is above all. Resistance band, a safer type of sports equipment, especially when compared to dumbbells of great weight. About a dumbbell, you can stumble, drop it on the foot, touch it with furniture or household appliances. With a band, everything is much simpler. In addition to his possible slipping out of his hands, nothing more serious comes into his head.

A set of dumbbells will cost significantly more than any resistance band. The upper part of the doorway. And now, one fine moment, the fasteners cannot stand it and fly away. Here, both the fasteners and the expander can fly to your side and cause you injury. Therefore, no matter which of the two sports equipment you choose, always takes precautions.

Experience shows that when choosing between a free weight and a resistance band, the choice falls on what the user is most comfortable with. The difference in price between them is not so significant to seriously affect the choice (unless, of course, it’s not a set of dumbbells). You can even use them in training together, competently alternating and combining exercises. The main thing is that these exercises are effective!

Combining Resistance band and free weight

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Anyone who aspires to increase the mass of the muscles of the arms, count on the rapid achievement of the effect. In some cases, the goal is to drop an extra kilogram. Even non-professional athletes know that the optimal weight for such exercises is the resistance band and free weight. However, many are interested in the questions: how effective are these exercises, can you combine sports equipment?

If you correctly form a schedule of training and correctly choose the option of combined training, the negative effect of using sports equipment during one lesson will not be. More than this, free weight and a resistance band complement each other, compensating for the shortcomings of each.

The resistance band, in its essence, a projectile for warming up, training joints, increasing the elasticity of the tendons. While free weight is solely a tool for the power load on the muscles. These two things have different effects on the muscles, forcing them to work differently. So, the bands increase the strength in his hands due to the rhythmic clenching / unclenching of the fist. Free weight also gives a gradual load on the muscles. And to increase this figure with the help of dumbbells is much easier: just add the weight. In the case of a resistance band, this is not so simple.

It is also important to consider that the peak load on the muscle occurs depending on the position of the body. I use an resistance band, it is quite difficult to take a variety of poses, with free weight this goal is achievable more easily. Therefore, it makes sense to use both projectiles during one workout in turn.

Advantage of resistance band

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Various resistances of resistance band give numerous advantages of training. When using the band, you improve your balance, work out the muscle groups in isolation, reduce occupational injuries and strengthen your health smoothly and gradually. You can practice with resistance band always: when you are traveling or are on vacation! With resistance band, you can diversify your training process.

Resistance band can be used by anyone

resistance band comes in different colors, sizes and load levels. If you are just starting an exercise or are an experienced athlete, you can include resistance band in your workouts. You will need to buy resistance band with different load levels. Some muscles of your body are stronger than others, therefore, in order to avoid imbalance and strengthen weak muscle groups, it is necessary to use loops of different resistance in training.

Using resistance band to prevent injuries

Although you see resistance band in gyms or in many places. But initially, bands were used in sports medicine, to prevent injuries and to recover from injuries! The main goal of sports medicine is to isolate the muscle group. This cannot always be done in the simulator or with free weights. When the injured muscles are strengthened, it helps to prevent injuries in the future.

If you are injured, the resistance band will help you to get back to normal. If you try to engage immediately after an injury, you risk harming and aggravating the recovery process. With rubber hinges, you can isolate muscle groups without burdening muscles, tendons, joints, bones and injured areas. When using loops in addition to everything, you will benefit greatly from blood circulation in the tissues, which will help you accelerate the process of recovery in tissues.

Resistance band has a wide range of advantages. You can diversify your workouts and strengthen your injured muscles. Load the necessary muscle group without touching the rest. In case of injury, loops allow you to safely perform physical exercises. With Resistance band, you do not have to worry about missed workouts, you can train always and everywhere!

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