Proteins for Building Muscles: How to Choose

Here is an answer to why we need proteins for building muscles and how to chose best protein source. Find best protein diet for muscles growth and mass gain.

Protein for building muscles

Manufacturers of sports nutrition have made the postulate that for the growth of muscles is required to take powdered protein isolate. As most athletes are unreservedly confident that the more actively they use sports protein, the faster their muscle mass will be recruited. But before discussing the source of protein lets find out what is need of proteins for building muscles.

Need of proteins for building muscles

need of protein

First of all, we need to understand why we need it at all. The structure of all cells of our body is a protein. Cells of muscle tissue are no exception. The protein consists of amino acids, which in turn are divided into interchangeable, conditionally indispensable and irreplaceable.

Replaceable amino acids are synthesized in the body by our organs and the needs from outside not generally.
Conditionally irreplaceable can be synthesized by the body, but in insufficient quantity, some part should come with food.

Irreplaceable amino acids are not produced in our body and they must be obtained only with food.

The most important amino acids for building the body is leucine, valine and isoleucine are included in the group of irreplaceable. That is why for athletes, it is important to fully meet the needs for these amino acids with food and that is why we must eat protein foods.

Summarizing, we can say that the main reason why people who are engaged in fitness or bodybuilding, take protein, is getting a building material for our muscles. Without enough protein, you will not see a mass gain.

How does protein work

The process of assimilation of proteins by the body is an order of magnitude more complicated than the process of assimilation of carbohydrates. Any carbohydrate when digested or converted to glucose (which serves as the main source of energy for both muscles and the rest of the body), or leaves the esophagus as indigestible fiber.

Proteins, in turn, serve as enzymes-catalysts of metabolic processes, and components for the renewal of blood and even DNA. Among other things, insulin is also a protein. That is why it is erroneous to treat proteins solely as a building material for muscles.

Types of protein

Yes, by the way, I remind you that protein and proteins are one and the same, only the first word came to us from the English language.

High Protein for Muscle Building

So, the protein can be divided into two types: plant and animal origin.

  1. The sources of vegetable proteins include beans, soy, beans, peanuts, wheat, oats, lentils, buckwheat and others. Among the sports supplements based on vegetable protein can be noted: hemp protein, soybean, and pea.
  2. Now about the animal protein. The best natural sources are eggs, milk, cottage cheese, meat, and fish. Among the additives: egg protein, whey proteins, meat and fish protein.

Which protein to choose

What type of protein do you think is better animal or vegetable. Experts agree that only protein of animal origin contains the entire amino acid profile necessary for a person and, moreover, has a greater degree of digestibility.

muscles How does protein work

But at the same time, they add that the combination of animal and vegetable protein is still most effective, since some important amino acids are contained in a larger quantity in the vegetable protein, for example, arginine, which plays an important role in realizing the muscle potential.

Among all products, the reference protein is the egg protein, which has the best digestibility. Surely in the old videos, you saw how athletes use eggs in their raw form, making a cocktail of them. Yes muck, but such a meal will save you time to cook. Although not all so clear!

Boiled or raw

To understand which protein to take boiled or raw, you need to understand how they differ. Let’s start with the raw one. What we have? Such a protein is clearly structured and contains complex bonds. To our gastrointestinal tract was able to split it for their needs will take a lot of time and effort.

When heat treated, the protein undergoes denaturation (destruction of its structure). Such protein will be absorbed more quickly since the temperature has already made part of our work for our GIT. I think that this leads to the obvious conclusion that the boiled protein is preferable. And besides, you hardly want to eat raw boiled breast.

With chicken eggs, we still did not fully understand. They can be taken in raw form. But remember, they will take longer to digest, and this is a plus only if the next snack is waiting for you so

Summarizing all of the above, it can be concluded that the protein products are best used in the ready-made form, preferably cooked. In this case, do not limit yourself to any one type of protein, because our body requires proteins from plants as well as from animal origin. But if you want to build muscle, still focus on animal protein, in particular, meat, because besides essential amino acids, it contains creatine, which makes muscles more enduring.

Sports nutrition

Important Muscle Building Foods and Supplement

After discussing the sources of natural protein, we can not avoid sports nutrition. The assortment of protein supplements here is quite wide, more precisely, there are so many of them that an ordinary buyer can get dizzy!
Every company tries to attract attention, using loud expressions on labels or advertised components. In fact, you need to know just a couple of things to choose a good protein.

The closest to our muscles are the amino acid composition of whey protein. It is also characterized by a high rate of assimilation, which makes it the most suitable for a reception before and after training.

The competitor of whey protein is an egg, which is closest to the ideal protein in its composition, but loses in the speed of assimilation and has a higher price.

For the qualitative and rapid growth of muscle mass, it is important not to limit yourself to only one type of protein. Remember that no additive can compete for utility and saturation with microelements with natural protein food. But if we are talking about the value of one or another purchased protein, then against a balanced diet, the best for replenishing the muscle needs in amino acids is precisely whey protein.

You can buy an additive in any sports nutrition store or buy it from a pharmacy, but the second option is rare.

Protein and amino acids

meat eater

Every protein consists of a long chain of amino acids. Combinations of these amino acids give rise to proteins with different structure and different functions. It is believed that the key amino acids are leucine, isoleucine, and valine it is from them that BCAA is composed, another popular form of sports nutrition.

However, BCAA is not at all a magic powder for muscle growth, but only three amino acids that are part of many natural foods in quite sufficient quantities. Among other things, BCAA amino acids are always part of a good sports protein.

Sports protein or meat

The only advantage of a sports protein in front of meat and other natural sources of protein is a higher rate of assimilation. That is why it is recommended to use the protein before or after the strength training (again, there are no clear scientific recommendations on this topic).

In the rest of the time, it is better to give preference to natural food. First, in terms of the cost of a gram of protein sports protein is often inferior to meat, eggs and milk. Secondly, the ordinary food contains many other important nutrients and vitamins for growth.

The importance of taking a sports protein and the dosages necessary for muscle growth is greatly overrated by manufacturers. In fact, such a protein is useful only before and/or after strength training, whereas during the rest of the day, protein from conventional foods is preferable.


Now you know that protein is important for our body and especially muscles. To say objectively which protein is the best for muscle growth is difficult because each kind of protein is good in its own way. I think it’s correct to say that for muscle growth you need to eat protein from different sources to get the full range of amino acids.
But if you abstract from all things and compare only sports supplements, then, as I have already said, serum is more preferable. Well, make your choice! I’m saying goodbye to you. Subscribe to website updates and do not forget to share with friends. See you soon!

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