How To Lose Weight With a Desk Job

Find the best way to lose weight with a desk job or sedentary work. Learn to lose weight and cut belly fat if you have a stressful sitting job at the office or at home.

desk job lose weight

Desk job increases the risk of gaining weight. And it does not matter, you work in the office or at home. Studies have shown that the body of those who predominantly sits during the day spends 1000 kcal less than those who are engaged in manual labor. That is why desk job for a long time can lead to excess weight, cellulite and lack of waist. How to keep a slim figure? How to lose weight with a desk job?

Basic rules of losing weight with a desk job

The main problem of desk workers is that they eat wrong, arranging snacks with various sandwiches and pies. If you want to lose weight, then about this diet should be forgotten once and for all!

lose weight at desk job

Only a balanced and separate diet will help you get rid of extra pounds. Yes, at first it will not be easy, but if you want to normalize the weight, you’ll have to suffer. Instead of the usual pie or sandwich eat light yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese and replace a cup of coffee with unsweetened green tea.

Another important mistake made by office workers is they almost do not have breakfast, lunch for a snack, and in the evening they eat up to the heap. It is not right. You must force yourself to transfer your thick dinner for breakfast, but in the evening before going to bed eat something light, such as a vegetable salad or soup.

In this case, try to eat at least 5 times during the day. At the same time, we recommend you stick to the system of fractional nutrition, it is most effective and contributes to the development of certain habits, which then help you maintain your weight in one pair.

Lose weight with a desk job

More than 40 hours of sedentary work per week can have a negative effect on the figure. Even if you avoid corporate lunches and dinners. And even if you hide each time when a colleague appears in the office with some sweet treat. How to change your office life to get rid of excess weight?

Bring a large portion of a salad with you

salad at work

To lose weight with sedentary work, take the rule to bring lunch with you, and not go with colleagues in the nearest cafe for a business lunch. The best option will be a large serving of salad. It has few calories and a lot of fiber. You can afford a whole bowl of vegetables without any harm to the waist. Use a leaf salad, greens, various vegetables and add low-fat protein like chicken, turkey, chickpeas, lentils, grain cottage cheese. Do not forget to bring a low-calorie refueling for example, yogurt with lemon juice and mustard. This home meal will save not only calories but money. Use every day different combinations of vegetables, protein, and dressings, so that lunch on a working afternoon is not boring, but bright and useful!

Burn more calories

Use any opportunity to get up from the desktop and move. This is the surest way to lose weight when sitting with good health. You can go to the window, go to the next room, carry the documents for signature, pick up the folder in another department. Try to choose long routes. If you have a large office building, then give up the elevator and go up the stairs.

During a lunch break, you can not only sit in social networks or shop at online stores. Try to use this time to burn extra calories. You can go for a run, ride a bike, go to the nearest fitness club for a day’s work. Sounds too extreme? Then you can just stroll along the street. This will burn extra calories and tick the “daily activity” section. And also unload the brain from work problems and stresses, which often lead to overeating. Remember: sitting all day is bad for health not just for the waist!

Find yourself support in the office

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It is difficult to follow a figure when colleagues call not to be engaged in nonsense and treated to another candy. But there is a way to wrap the energy of office plankton for the benefit of losing weight. Surely there are among your colleagues those who also want to lose weight. All you need is to join the group. The competition will help to closely monitor food, resist temptations and move more. Who wants to lose in the race called “lose weight when sitting”? And to make the process even more interesting, use a system of monetary penalties. If a week failed to reset a gram, put a certain amount in the total piggy bank. Then the money can be given to the winner or sent to charity.

Keep in the office refrigerator useful snacks

It’s great that colleagues like to bake so much and bring their culinary masterpieces to the office. But let’s admit: this plate with homemade cookies and cakes in the office kitchen is able to lead away from the slender figure. Therefore, a sure way to avoid the temptation to keep in the refrigerator or in the drawer of the table useful snacks. Yogurt, fruit, sliced vegetables (sweet carrots, for example), cereal bread, nuts all this is much more useful for the waistline than the cake!

Drink water

How To Do Water Fasting For Weight Loss

Water is the best friend of those who needs to lose weight when sitting. So, do not forget about your drinking norm. Put the bottle on your desktop and drink in small sips throughout the day. Water not only does not add calories but also creates a feeling of fullness of the stomach, which will save you from overeating. If you often forget about water, then put a reminder on your phone to take a few sips in time. So, the consumption of calories will increase.

If you work at home, then in addition to a sedentary lifestyle there is another problem in the kitchen. Her immediate intimacy is against you. How to avoid temptations and lose weight?

Move as much as possible

Arrange a fitness break in the last 5 minutes of each working hour. Do a few simple exercises: strap, walking in place with a high knee lift, swing legs. On YouTube, you can find a suitable option for a super-short workout. This will allow not only to spend calories but also will give an opportunity to distract from working problems and give the brain a rest.

Set the clock

Eat strictly on the clock and only at the dinner table. Prohibit yourself to carry food and drinks at your desk. To avoid missing food, set reminders on your phone or make an alarm. While the signal did not sound, the entrance to the kitchen is prohibited.

Plan the menu in advance

In the evening, make a menu the next day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks. Attach it to the refrigerator or kitchen cupboard. This will help to avoid the temptation to intercept a couple of sandwiches with sausage when there is no time to think about what’s out there today from eating. To lose weight with sedentary work, make a menu of healthy dishes and give up semi-finished products.

Keep in mind healthy food

breakfast diet health

When a lot of work, you are unlikely to waste time on chopping fresh vegetables or looking for fruit in a refrigerator drawer when the time comes for a snack. Therefore, prepare everything in advance in the morning. Cut the small pieces of carrots, celery, cucumber, sweet pepper. Make a thick vegetable sauce mix the soft curd with lemon juice and greens. Put it all in the refrigerator at eye level. On the kitchen table, keep fresh washed fruits, and sweets and cookies to the far corner of the cabinet. Now useful snacks cannot be avoided!

Use the two-in-one method

Try to combine work and fitness, replacing the working chair with a fit-ball. So, you can burn more calories, improve posture and strengthen muscles without being distracted from the computer.

Sitting work is not a verdict for a slender figure. This is a challenge to your imagination and perseverance. Applying these simple tips, you can lose weight, even if most of the day you spend in the company with a working chair and table.

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