How To Improve Deadlift

Find the best way to improve deadlift with proper technique and weight. Learn to increase the body strength with proper deadlift and additional exercise to increase the performance in the deadlift.

improve deadlift

Deadlift is a great exercise you should add to your regular strength training if you require to build up muscle muscles of your whole body, from the crown to the toes, strengthen your cervical muscular corset and improve your results in weightlifting. In fact, perhaps there is no greater workout for the hamstrings, buttock muscles, all the back muscles and your grip. And, this exercise will make you stronger.

Improve Deadlift

To improve the results of competitive exercises, we apply to all kinds of ways and methods of training. Everyone understands that, by performing only basic exercises, an athlete can stop growing, receiving psychological fatigue in addition. The coach’s task is to creatively approach the training process: to choose and sometimes even to invent new exercises aimed only at increasing the result. Our training is diverse and rarely repeated. Often those or other ideas I find in the articles of Louis Simmons and, breaking them through my vision, experimenting with my athletes, almost always achieving the desired result.

1. Focus on technique

proper technique of deadlift

No matter how you accomplish the craving in the usual way or in a sumo rack you should in any case practice on your form. The reason for paying due attention to it is that bad technique leads to weakness and injury. That is, to two things that you would like to avoid, is not it?

On another side, good formation leads to the strengthening of deadlift and reducing the risk of injury. To two things that you surely want to achieve.

So, you start to increase weights, spend a couple of weeks to work on the simple. Despite whether you prefer classical cravings or in a sumo rack, here are a couple of tips for you:

  1. Your back should be in a neutral form because its rounding can be bad.
  2. Your hands should be constantly straightened because their bending is the way to rupture of the biceps.
  3. Your muscles bark and backs should be constantly strained at the performance of each repetition. This will help you become stronger and fight with bending your back.
  4. The bar should always be near to your body. If you make bar move away of you, then you load the lower back and seriously limit your maximum lifted the weight. Good athletes because of this, even leave a marks on the legs. Keep the bar closer!

2. Train more dynamically

increase weight in deadlift

Perhaps you will not believe this, but if you unusually train in gym with my maximum weight. As proof, here’s a fact, I raised 1008 pounds (457.2 kg), but never raised more than 900 pounds (408.2 kg) in a workout. Rather of trying to raise the maximum possible weight, I lift the bar with a lower weight, but I do this for 2-3 sets with the maximum possible speed, constantly maintaining the correct technique of execution. Most of the exercise exercises are performed with a weight of 500-700 pounds (226.8 – 317.5 kg).

Suppose that your maximum result in the deadlift is 400 pounds (181.4 kg), which is a decent result for a 200-pound (90.72 kg) athlete. If I were your personal trainer, then you would do a max sets for 2-3 repetitions with a weight of 200-280 pounds (90-127 kg) and only occasionally we would perform an exercise with a heavier weight. Every 8-12 weeks we would check your one-time maximum and only raise this figure, we would develop your exercise weight.

3. Always do warm-up

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Before you load yourself with quick sets for 2-3 repetitions with a weight that is fifty percent of your maximum, you should warm-up. Most people do not do this, which is a step towards the problems. When you correctly warm up, you not only reduce the risk of injury but also improve your results! I think you will agree that this is a profitable waste of time.

Assuming your maximum is 400 pounds (181.4 kg), this is how your good training may look, including the warm-up approaches:

  1. 135 pounds (61.23 kg) x 5 repetitions – 2 sets
  2. 185 pounds (83.91 kg) x 3 repetitions – 2 sets
  3. 200 pounds (90.72 kg) x 2 repetitions – 2 sets
  4. 225 pounds (102.1 kg) x 2 repetitions – 2 sets
  5. 245 pounds (111.1 kg) x 2 repetitions – 2 sets
  6. 260 pounds (117.9 kg) x 2 repetitions – 1 set
  7. 280 pounds (127 kg) x 2 repetitions – 1 sets

Remember, every repetition should be performed as dynamically as desirable without loss of quality.

4. Reduce range of movements

proper deadlift

The deadlift from a height just below the knee can give a number of advantages. For its implementation, you can use a special rack, mats or blocks. It has a number of advantages:

  1. You can hang more weight and accustom your body to it.
  2. You can train a stronger grip.
  3. You can do more repetitions because the partial exercise of the exercise is not as complicated as the full execution of the deadlift from the ground.

Excellent performance of approaches for 3-8 sets works perfectly.

5. Do auxiliary exercise

There are other extra exercise that you can do to strengthen the deadlift. We say them “subsidiary”. Here is the best of them:

  1. Leg press: To strengthen the hamstrings, quadriceps (quadriceps) and gluteus muscles.
  2. Dog leg raise: To strengthen the back of the hip, gluteus muscles, the back and in order to learn how to be dynamic and be able to apply explosive force.
  3. Plank: To learn how to strain from start to end. All strong athletes should be able to properly strain and engage all muscles.
  4. Farmer walk: To develop strength of grip and general athleticism.

6. Dedicate the deadlift to a separate workout

Ironically, many lifters do not include in the program a separate training for the most difficult exercise.

For example, using the Westside technique, they make the option of squatting or bending with the bar on the day of maximum effort and squatting on the box on the day of the dynamic. Then, of course, they can add weightlifting thrusts or light camps with acceleration after squats on the box, but this is always a minor movement. And on the day of maximum effort, almost nobody makes heavy cravings.

So, although this advice looks too obvious, dedicate a day in the program to your deadlift. At the same time, you do not have to take maximum weight every time, you can do volumetric or high-speed training, but in any case, you pay enough attention to the movement and technology.

7. Pull for longer

How To Deadlift Properly

For the development of maximum strength, add options that complicate the usual setup, increasing the time under load and the range of motion.

Deadlift with the pause or performing classic traction, just stop at a certain altitude, then keep moving. Choose yourself, over what dead spots you need to work; in my experience, it is useful to pause when the neck is in the middle of the shin and just below the knees.

Stopping the movement with the bar in your hands, you increase the time under the load and not only get more strength but also improve the technique. The bottom line is that you are forced to take an optimal position, lingering in difficult points, otherwise you just cannot finish the repetition. Thus, the technique with pauses teaches you how to correctly navigate difficult places.

Thrust with a jerky grip, it is performed as usual, but for the bar, it is necessary to take a wider grip. This increases the range of motion in both directions: you have to go lower and rise higher. In addition to the same increase in time under the load, you are more involved in the muscles of the legs and pelvic girdle, which improves the start in the usual deadlift.

Do these thrusts in the straps to avoid thinking about grasping and concentrating on the work of the legs and back.

8. To improve the deadlift, do deep squats

To raise a lot in the camp, you need not only a powerful back but also strong legs.

The best exercise for the development of leg strength, of course, are full squats. And some options give a special load to the top of the back and the muscles of the cortex, which only helps in traction.

In order to increase the result in the gym, I recommend frontal squats and squats with a pause in a simulator.

These variants of sit-ups and the most load the legs, and force to strain the press and the upper back.

Well, here you got the best tips for a good performance of deadlift. Use them wisely and you will beat your record very fast.

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