How to Build Muscle Fast for Men

Find the best way to build muscle fast for men at home. Here is the workout routine, diet and rules for men to gain huge muscle mass naturally within few weeks.

How to Build Muscle Fast for Men

Even after following a correct diet plan and correct training regimens, you still not able to achieve the desired increase in muscle mass. In order to achieve a certain result, there are only two options: go to a sports club or a home occupation. Of course, the fitness instructor will pick up the necessary set of exercises and tell you about the diet. However, in this article, we will offer you a method of increasing the mass, based on several exercises and diet.

Disadvantages of home workouts

Yes you can build muscle fast at home, but there are many disadvantages of home workout:

increase muscles mass at home
  1. Laziness: This is the most terrible enemy of you. At home, you can always postpone the occupation-a song, watch the broadcast, chat on the phone, after rest, climb on the Internet … oh, and it’s already night and it’s time to sleep … okay, tomorrow I’ll just work out … But tomorrow it will be the same. If you want to work at home, you must have a clear timetable and iron will. This enemy is also present if you have a gym membership.
  2. Lack of space and air: In a small space you feel constrained, and you cannot always do amplitude exercises.
    During the lesson, you breathe and sweat, you need a lot of fresh air! If you are at home, open the windows and ventilate the room well! If possible, train on the street.
  3. Psychological fatigue: When you spend a lot of time in the same place, then there is fatigue from the monotonous situation. It may be difficult for you to tune in to a lesson. Try before class a little walk down the street, when you come home to change clothes and begin training.
  4. Lack of professional equipment: Try to get heavy dumbbells, make a crossbar for pull-ups and squares for push-ups. Home wall crossbars and bars also sold in sports stores or online. If you cope with these “shortcomings”, you can study at home.

Yet you can build a perfect body at home if you have willpower and proper equipment.

Build muscle fast for men

To gain a muscle mass you have to concentrate on proper training and proper diet, and never forget to take enough rest and sleep.

Training to build muscle

shoulder training

  1. The main time in training should be given to basic exercises, which are based on the development of large muscles like legs, back, chest. There are different exercises for different body part which is listed in this website.
  2. In addition, do heavy exercises with dumbbells, for example, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell bench press up, draft dumbbells to the waist in the slope, dumbbell lifts to the biceps. But do not waste time on clever simulators and exercises such as “extension of the hand from behind the head with a 5-kilo dumbbell”, so you will not gain weight.
  3. When doing exercises, use a range of 6-8 repetitions. That is, take such burdens that you can raise 6-8 times. Sometimes you can do more power approaches and go down to 4 repetitions, or, on the contrary, pump up muscles with blood, doing 10-12 repetitions each. But the main range for you is 6-8 repetitions. If, for example, you can tighten 12 times, then hang on the belt burdening.
  4. The body builds muscles to overcome the loads, the heavier the bars you raise, the more muscles you will need.

This does not mean that you should immediately grab a heavy barbell and tear off your ligaments. But you need to gradually increase the weight and strive to raise more, keeping the technique of exercises.

Do not forget to warm up well and then you can progress without injury.

Proper nutrition to build muscle

However hard you train, without good nutrition, muscles will not grow!

proper nutrition for muscles growth
Source: muscleandfitness
  1. Proteins: It’s the proteins that make up your muscles, and the bones and ligaments and skin! In modern nutrition, very often there is not enough protein. If you are thin and hard to gain muscle mass, you should eat at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day.

    The main protein products for muscle mass gain is:

    Cottage cheese, preferably low-fat (no more than 3% fat) it has more proteins.

    Eggs, from 3 to 10 eggs a day, yolks can be 2-3, the rest is only proteins.

    Chicken white meat, without fat.

    Boiled low-fat fish, canned natural tuna, pink salmon.

    Vegetable proteins are buckwheat, nuts.

    Low-fat milk and kefir.

  2. Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates are the main energy for strength training and muscle growth! If there is not enough energy, then the muscles are depleted, the forces fall and there will be no growth.

    The main sources of carbohydrates for muscle growth are porridge, buckwheat, rice, oatmeal, plus vegetables and fruits.

  3. Fats: And here we do not need this thing, you want to gain muscle mass, but not to become fat) You will still receive the necessary minimum amount of fats with food. Follow that in your diet was less fatty foods.
    Salads can be seasoned with vegetable or olive oil.
  4. Eat more vegetables, greens, and fruits, they not only give vitamins and minerals, but also strengthen the immune system and increase stamina.

    Apples, pears, bananas, peaches, berries the more, the better.

Important note

rest after workout
  1. Don’t overstrain to build muscle fast. Many of those people who want to gain weight, start training with enthusiasm, worthy of a better application. This is not entirely correct.

    Compare for example two people: the first does 10 exercises and in each exercise makes one approach; the second does the same 10 exercises and does not one by one, but three approaches. The most striking thing is that the weight of both will grow approximately the same. (all other things being equal). It is checked repeatedly.
    However, after a couple of months the body of both the first and second person will get used to the load and the weight will cease to grow. What to do?

    The simplest and most effective way is to increase the load. However, if the first person realizes this very, very simply, it is enough to do two instead of one approach, then the second person does not have everything so simple.
    If the muscle weight grows, then you do not need to add a load or exercise more in time.

  2. Remember the muscles of the legs and back. A fairly common mistake is that only those muscles that lack mass are trained.

    For example, you are quite well developed in comparison with the muscles of the upper. Therefore, we are mainly engaged in the muscles of the “top”, that is, the arms, shoulders, chest.

    However, at some point, weight gain is suspended. Therefore, the base muscles of the legs and back must be trained at least to a minimum in any case. It somehow affects the whole body. After the introduction of the exercises, growth again resumed. If you have the same error, then try.

  3. Take proper rest and sleep. The growth of muscle mass for some reason requires more sleep. I do not fully understand why, but if you sleep as much as you usually sleep, then the effect of training will fall dramatically.

Training is only one-third of the entire weight gain system. Always remember this. Actually, if you want to gain muscle mass, the whole process consists of three equal parts. The first component is proper training. The second component is proper (protein) nutrition. The third component is a proper rest.

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