How Much Protein To Take After Workout

Find how much protein to take after workout to gain muscle and lose weight. Learn what amount of protein you should take throughout the day and immediately after workout. And, also find what is the best protein for you and best time to take a protein shake.

protein after workout

How important is protein after workout and amount of protein you should take immediately after training and throughout the day?

The mistake of many athletes is they give special attention to training and complete disregard for the rules of nutrition. With this approach, training will not bring the desired effect, and all efforts will go to waste. Remember that in any sport, food and exercise have an identical level of importance. Intensified studies with an improper diet can not only fail to produce results but also damage health. In this case, special attention should be given to nutrition after exercise.

How much protein to take after workout

how much protein after workout

To cover the needs of the body in protein, you need to drink a protein shake immediately after workout. The average dosage should be about 20-30 grams of protein (more simply will not digest). You can close the protein window and regular food, but for this, you have to eat at least half the contents of the entire refrigerator. In addition, digestion by itself is an energy-consuming and long-lasting process.

Knowing how much you need a powder, it will be easier for you to measure a serving, mix it with juice, water or milk and drink. The ready-made formula is better to drink after 50-60 minutes after training. To add efficacy, it is allowed to drink a protein shake before classes start (also for 50-60 minutes).

In addition to proteins, do not forget to give the body and a portion of fast carbohydrates, which will help the protein to quickly assimilate. For example, in a protein shake, used after exercise, you can add a little sugar, honey or a banana. As a consequence, you will get a delicious and hearty carbohydrate-protein shake. If you drink it regularly, the result will come faster.

Protein for muscles building

build muscle

Reinforced loads do not pass in vain. The body strengthens, but at the same time consumes almost all proteins and carbohydrates. The first, the bricks of the muscles, and the second, the sources of energy. In addition, carbohydrates are also a trigger for the production of insulin, which has anti-catabolic and anabolic properties. Acute insulin deficiency leads to the splitting of your own muscles. As a result, instead of gaining muscle mass, you burn your weight.

The training process is inevitably associated with microtraumas (muscle fiber ruptures). Restoration of such microtraumas is the process of muscular growth. After healing, the muscles increase in volume and become stronger. After a time after training, the body actively replenishes reserves at the expense of internal resources. This moment cannot be missed, you need to give the body as much protein and carbohydrates as it can carry.

Many newcomers do not know how much protein is enough to cover the demands of the body. And here, be careful. Some experts recommend drinking 4 grams of protein per kilogram. They believe that such a volume of protein during the day and after training will saturate the muscles with building material and accelerate their growth. In fact, this dosage is a bust. You will be pumped up with protein, but you will not achieve any special effect.

Research on protein intake

protein to build muscle

So how much to drink protein then? There is nothing to invent here. There are results of studies conducted at the University of McMaster. So, according to the scientists’ conclusions, the daily portion of proteins per kilogram is 1.3-1.6 grams. That is, this is enough to stimulate and maintain at a proper level the synthesis of protein in the cells of our body. Thus, scientists assure, that it is necessary to increase portions of a protein if the person spends active training or sets a task to dry out.

There is another study. Scientists in Western Ontario also decided to answer the question of how much protein a body needs an athlete to cover all needs, as well as how much to drink the supplement after training. Here the results turned out to be slightly different 1.6-1.8 grams per kilogram. Scientists believe that this amount of protein is enough for the body to patch the reserves.

On the other hand, they specified that it is necessary to adjust the dosage of the protein taking into account the caloric content of the food received, the intensity of exercise, the presence of carbohydrates, the duration of the load, sex, length of service and age. Depending on this, it is possible to decide how much protein is needed, increasing or decreasing the size of the portion within acceptable limits.

Research is good, but there is also the practice of practical athletes. It has more accuracy because the experience is easier to calculate how much protein you should drink after training and during the day. Some small portions are recommended here. In particular, the dosage of 2.6-3.3 grams is considered optimal during the drying, when the task is to achieve perfect relief and 2.2 grams in the usual mode. By the way, almost the same data was obtained as a result of another study of the University of Auckland. Here, scientists have identified the optimal dosage – 2.3 – 3.1 grams per kilogram of weight.

When to drink whey

protein after workout

In many magazines and newspapers, it has been written about the fact that whey protein is good when used before and after training. But you do not need to drink protein right away before it starts, and preferably forty minutes before the start so that the food does not interfere with the training. The same applies to the use of protein after exercise.

But why this shake should be drunk before training? All I have is that this protein is very quickly absorbed and adds energy to your body, which you actually need when training.

Well, how much protein after training should you drink? As for the end of the training, it is a great time to use protein. It is with the use of protein after exercise that the body will receive a certain amount of protein, which immediately goes to restoring muscles.

When asked how much protein to drink after training, you can answer that you need to rely on the calculations performed, in which you will determine the necessary amounts of protein and distribute it to five or six receptions. After training, it is necessary to immediately use fast protein for a quick recovery. Later it is better to use casein or a similar slow protein and provide yourself with amino acids for a long time. In this case, the qualitative restoration of the muscles will quickly avoid pain.

Protein window and the truth about it

In general, as shown by many studies, the protein remains effective for a long time and therefore does not play a special role in when it still needs to be drunk. In general, talk about a certain window, after training is not particularly worth it, the main thing, do not allow the body to be without the necessary amino acids.

Do not think about the protein windows

And you can do it by using a portion of a protein shake in time, for example. And the concept of “window” is likely associated with the individual characteristics of some athletes. It can be said that the window for effective protein absorption opens immediately after training and lasts throughout the day until the muscles completely recover. But remember that drinking protein after training is in 20-30 minutes. For beginners, it will be enough to hammer your head with information about the “windows” is not worth it.

Protein Vs Gainer

gainer vs protein

About the protein and its effect, we already talked, well, what kind of protein after exercise is best to drink? Here we will advise you whey protein, as it not only restores the muscles after training, and is quickly absorbed, but also provides rapid growth of muscle mass. It is this protein that will suit you most.

But there are other additives that have a protein in their composition. In this case, many people even after reading the article there is, for example, the question, what is better, a protein or a gainer after training? The answer to this question is quite difficult because these two products are almost no difference. The difference is only in the ratio of components, as the protein, by and large, consists only of proteins, but as for the weight gainers, in addition to proteins, it also includes carbohydrates.

To ensure that the process of assimilation has passed, carbohydrates are extremely necessary. Here in the gainer, they are, and for the use of protein, it will be necessary to separately take carbohydrates for quick assimilation. Well, however, that the protein that the gainer is useful for the health of the athlete and provides a rapid increase in muscle mass. Also, both of these drugs have the same rules that apply to proper use. In this case, it is worth remembering that nevertheless, the gainer cannot completely replace the protein and vice versa.

By the rate of assimilation, proteins are fast and slow. These include whey, egg and meat proteins. Slow digests are long, such as casein or soy protein.

If we talk about fast proteins then they are usually cheaper than casein. But here you will usually pay attention not to the speed of digestion, but to the quality of this drug. Usually, the price corresponds to the quality of the goods, and in our case, you can save on everything, but not on quality.

If the quality of the protein is good, then in a few months you will see, though insignificant, but the success. And with a poor-quality protein, it will help you very slowly. Moreover, now there are many fakes, which, if not harm, then certainly will not help. In general, if you really spend money on a quality product in which you will be confident. Well, fakes are best to stay away. Be careful!


Before preparing a protein shake, always calculate how much protein you need to fill the deficit. If you eat properly, keep the dosage and the rules for taking supplements, the result will definitely come. All that remains is to train hard.

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