How Long Should One Wait To Workout After Eating

Here is the best explanation of how long should one wait to workout after eating breakfast snacks or a complete meal. Find the best and effective time to wait for intensive and weight loss exercise.

How Long Should One Wait To Workout After Eating
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Even from the primary classes, we were told that you cannot start playing sports right after meals. But, probably, everyone in life had a situation when they had to run after eating.

Feelings of this can hardly be called pleasant, but this issue does not end there only on this one.

In this article, we will analyze not only why you cannot do it immediately after lunch, but also explain which gap should be taken for the most effective training.

Why cannot I exercise right after eating

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If you begin to perform any exercises on a full stomach, you will inevitably feel unpleasant sensations in the abdominal area, heaviness and discomfort. The reason for this is simple, the food did not have time to be digested, and roughly speaking, jumps over your stomach in pieces. At the same time, it is mixed with gastric juice, and your stomach from the inside begins to resemble a happy terrible brew. Of course, to the displeasure, both the stomach and yours.

But in some situations, this practice can even be harmless. This applies to those cases when breakfast is rather modest, for example, a glass of kefir with fruit. Some people have such a feature that after a light snack they want to do some kind of activity. If you are not bothered by the stomach during such activities, then, of course, you can do it right after meals. But here it is worth mentioning that discomfort is by no means the only reason why such activities are contraindicated.

Problems with digestion

Another reason is that physical activity after a meal can slow digestion. The body will begin to infuse blood in the first place to those organs that perform the most activity, in our case, to the muscles. Accordingly, it narrows the vessels in other parts of the body, the body understands that in itself “its owner” is unlikely to engage in work after eating. Therefore, the digestive function slows down and stops. At this point, the body will be divided in the choice, what to give preference to and who will receive a greater flow of blood. From this, it can be concluded that the slowing down of digestion is inversely proportional to the intensity of the loads.

Physical activity after eating is not only associated with discomfort, it can also cause vomiting, heartburn and other ailments. Problems with the stomach will cause a worsening of the mood, which will also affect the ongoing training. In addition, you can even feel cramps in the body, which in some sports can be quite dangerous.

Condition that does not involve training

Any meal is accompanied by the production of a special hormone, serotonin. It gives a sense of security, comfort, but at the same time, it also makes the body more sluggish, sleepy. This state is familiar to everyone, some satisfaction and bliss after eating. Of course, in order to train in this state, it will be necessary to very well force yourself. This is only a small list of all the functions of serotonin, as it performs a tremendous variety in the life of the body.

Reducing the amount of fat burned

During the digestion of food in the body produces insulin. This hormone is like the “storekeeper” in our body, it is responsible for the fact that unused nutrients are deposited in the body. Some of them are in the form of fat. The break between lunch and exercise will result in the food being digested faster and insulin secretion will weaken. This will help you burn more fat.

How long should one wait to workout after eating

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In most cases, the answer to this question is two or three hours. However, these are only rather crude calculations that do not always have a connection with the truth. It all depends on many factors, one of which is the health of your stomach and metabolism. Many people internal processes, including digestion and digestion of food, last much longer than others. This is due to a slow metabolism. With confidence, we can say that full people will need more time for rest, rather than thin.

In addition, the food itself you consumed makes difference in the amount of time. Some foods are digested faster, others slower. If you, for example, ate only an apple and drank it with kefir, then you do not have to wait a few hours. This is quite uneconomical in relation to time. In that case, it will be about half an hour. The period of 30-60 minutes is suitable for all light snacks, which include the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Much longer time is needed for meat. For example, to fully digest beef in the body sometimes it takes up to 6 hours. But this does not mean that you have to wait all this time, it is enough to wait for the moment when the food will settle down, and in the stomach, there will be a feeling of lightness.

In general, if you speak frankly, it is optimal to practice on an empty stomach. But even in this rule there is a caveat training on an empty stomach helps to lose weight, but they are not combined with strength training.

How long to wait for intensive training after meal

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In this case, you need to be able to “catch the moment”. Initially, digesting food, the body seeks to rework it to restore glycogen stores. That is why the morning should have the heaviest food intake for the whole day, almost all food consumed at this time will go into energy without remaining in the form of fat. The period immediately after training on the same principle.

After the glycogen stores are restored, insulin gives the command to transfer the remaining nutrients to fat, as a reserve. And here in this moment, you need absolute knowledge of the habits of your body. Training should be done at a time when glycogen stores are full, but not all food is still processed. In this case, during the training, you will spend energy, which will be restored at the same time from available reserves. This is especially good for those engaged in heavy sports, in the likeness of bodybuilding.

Of course, it’s not about seconds, or minutes. It is not necessary, and it is impossible to choose the right moment. However, you should be able to feel when the action of serotonin begins to subside, and the body begins to overfill energy, this is a sign that it’s time to start training. In this case, you not only will not waste a single calorie but also do not risk buying excess fat.

Best thing before workout

In order not to distract you with unnecessary information, and not to clog your attention with superfluous terms, let’s just say, the source of energy of our body is carbohydrates. When they are digested by the stomach, the substance that we need is obtained to perform out body normally during the workout. Proteins and fats are also vital to the body, but in this case, they will be superfluous, since they perform very different functions.

In order for intensive training to take place in the right light, you must first “load” the body with carbohydrates. They, in turn, are divided into two types, fast and slow. Rapid carbohydrates provoke the release of a large amount of insulin in the blood, which causes it to store large amounts of nutrients in fats. We do not need this at all, so you should pay attention to slow carbohydrates. The difference between them is that slow carbohydrates cause the body to produce insulin in small portions, and allow you to feed the body with energy for a long time. For an intensive workout, this will do just fine.

So, answering the initial question “how long after a meal you can start the workout,” we derived several answers. If you want to engage in fat burning, it is best to train on an empty stomach. If your goal is to conduct a high-intensity workout, it is best to use a sufficient, but not the excessive amount of carbohydrates for 1-1.5 hours. As for proteins and fats, they are best used immediately after training.

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