How to Get Rid of Thigh Fat

Find the best way to get rid of thigh fat at home or at a gym with some basic exercise and various other methods which include diet plan and many home remedies.

thigh fat

All women without exception want to have an ideal figure. If you are not worried about your figure, but everyone is worried about the health and want to reduce excess fat in the body to stay healthy. The ideal figure is the one in which there are no excess muscles, its outlines are elastic and tightened, the waist is thin, and, of course, in an ideal figure, there are not much grams of excessive fatty deposits in your body or thigh. But that the figure was exactly as we want, there is not enough one desire we need daily painstaking work on ourselves. Even if a person is quite happy with her reflection in the mirror, it is necessary to maintain her health without missing a single day.

Fat deposit

thigh fat

Many people are very frustrated with fat deposits, appearing in the most inappropriate places, usually on the hips and on the thigh. Noticing the unattractive extra centimeters in these zones, women begin to sound an alarm and immediately sit on a diet. With diet their weight decreases, the waist becomes thinner, but from the lower part of the body excess fat does not go away. This is the body parts which get used in the form of calories at very last. You can sit on the most severe diet, you can go in for sports. But the extra pounds from the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs will be burned in the last turn.

Why fat deposited on thigh and hips of women

The fat deposits on hips and thigh of women because the main biological purpose of a woman is to successfully nurture and bear children. The female body is designed in such a way to make it easy. That is why the bulk of fat deposits located just in the lower part of the body. However, with a low active and sedentary lifestyle, lack of healthy physical activity and sports, fat on the thigh and hips can quickly increase. This leads to problems with the skin, worsening of its blood supply, damage to the lymph flow, and these are already direct harbingers of such cellulite, hated by all women. In this case, of course, you should immediately get rid of ugly fatty deposits on the hips and thigh.

Exercise Routine to get rid of thigh fat

  1. It is best to carry out this complex with a timer. You can use the phone timer, or you can use the stopwatch. Set 3 intervals: 1st – 45 seconds, 2nd – 25 seconds and 3rd – 60 seconds.
  2. Prepare a skipping rope, dumbbells of 2-5 kg (if not, try to find some weight with easy handle or fill a bag with sand).
  3. Exercises are performed in order, one after another without rest, as they will be written below, according to the intervals: the first exercise is done 45 seconds, the second – 25 seconds, and the 60-second interval is rest before the next set consisting of two exercises.
  4. The pace of all exercises is very fast and try to achieve maximum number of repetitions per interval.

The whole complex will take no more than 30-40 minutes. But during this time you burn a lot of calories and is guaranteed to raise your spirits due to the release of hormones of happiness endorphins. Well, let’s begin.

1. Squat

Squat pose

Pick dumbbells or a bottle of water or a bag of weight, put your feet on the width of your shoulders, your socks look forward, and begin to perform usual squats with the removal of the pelvis back to the parallel with the floor. Knees do not go beyond socks, hands with dumbbells along the body (if the bottle is with water, then below in front of itself), keep the back is straight. When we get up, buttocks tighten and exhale.

2. Standing open the gate

open the gate

Start with standing position bend the right knee and kick (kick) to the side, then again bend the knee and return the foot to the floor. Again stand and do the same thing we repeat with our left foot, etc. Try to do this as fast and rest for 60 seconds. After completing this you can take rest for 25 seconds.

3. Cross-Lunges


Legs on the width of the shoulders, with dumbbells in hand, we lunge the right foot backward crosswise to the left, then we return to the starting position and make a lunge with the left foot crosswise back to the right, etc.

4. Squat with a jump


We perform classical squats, and on the rise, we make a jump upwards, hands are held above our heads. Do this exercise for 45 seconds. After this exercise takes a rest for 60 seconds.

5. Russian squat

Russian squat jump

Legs on the width of the shoulders, socks look forward and do a squat and on the rise, we remove the right leg to the away from the body, again we do the squat and change our legs, now the left leg goes to the side.

6. Jumping on a rope on two legs


Very quickly jump on a rope on two legs and after that take a rest for 60 seconds. Perform this exercise as fast as possible for at least 40 seconds, but it’s ok to be slow if you are a beginner, don’t stress your body too much.

7. Side-Lying Leg Lift


We lay down on the right side, legs on one line with the body, leaned on the right elbow, the body does not fall back. We carry out the lifts of the left leg up, the toe is turned to the floor, and the heel is pulled into the ceiling.

8. Jumping on the rope with lifting knees

knee-to-chest jump on rope

Very quickly jump on the rope with a high knee up and take rest for 60 seconds. Perform this exercise for 40 seconds depending on your pace.

9. Bridge With Leg Lift


Do this exercise as shown in the image, you can avoid doing the bridge part if you are a beginner and just raise the leg. Do the same rase for both legs for 30 seconds.

10. Jumping in place with knee to chest


The legs are shoulder-width apart, we make the saddle down and, when lifting, push off the feet from the floor and try to raise the two knees to the chest as high as possible, when we land again, we make a saddle and jump with the knees up. Take rest – 60 seconds

Repeat this complex from the very beginning and do another round.

Doing these exercises 3 times a week and – do not get tired of repeating it every day keeping a fractional food during the day in small portions, you will see a decrease in thighs fat is a very real and achievable goal. Of course, you should not wait for the result after the first session, but after 2-3 weeks you will see pleasant changes in your figure and prove to everyone, and first of all to yourself.

Additional things to do to burn thigh fat

1. Proper nutrition

The menu should contain many products containing fiber, and as little as possible fried foods (especially deep-fried foods), sugar and flour products. Stop drinking sweet beverages and prefer green tea without sweetening agent.

2. Physical activity

This should be reasonable, you cannot overload the muscles without thinking, otherwise you risk getting strong muscles under a layer of fat. Loads should be introduced gradually.

3. Mask from natural ground coffee, blue clay and warm mineral water

All ingredients (coffee and clay – 2 tablespoons, mineral water – 0.5 liters), mix until smooth, apply to thighs. Keep this mask for about half an hour, preferably – wrapping it with food film. Then wash off with massage movements.

An excellent tool against fat on the buttocks and thighs is a large sea salt without additives. It should be mixed with a few spoons of vegetable oil, and when using a bath or shower, use it as a scrub.

5. Honey

Honey massage helps to get rid of thigh fat especially it is useful after a sauna or a steam. You can also drink the honey and lemon juice early in morning to cut the excess fat from the body.

6. Ginger and red pepper

One tablespoon of ground ginger or red pepper mixed with butter and honey. Massage the problem areas for 10 minutes.

7. Bath with ginseng

A warm 15-minute bath with a decoction of ginseng grass will help to significantly reduce fat in problem areas of the body.

8. Bath with lime decoction

In the bath, you can also add a decoction of linden. This will significantly improve blood circulation. But take a lime bath for at least half an hour.

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