Exercises To Do While Watching TV

Here are the best exercises to do while watching TV at home. You can burn extra calories and lose some extra pounds of weight while watching your favorite series or movies with a simple exercise.

exercises to do while watching tv

We paint our nails in a taxi, read books while traveling, clean our apartment while listening to our favorite music, pluck our brows during a walk with the child on the playground, the fast pace of modern life and the constant lack of free time force you to do many things in parallel. And only the number of cases, which we combine with the viewing of the TV and does not count. So why not attach to them another very useful for the health and aesthetics of the appearance of the sports? Indeed, combining viewing your favorite show or series with training, you get a triple benefit: save time, spend it with benefit and also not boring.

Well, if at home there are some machines. Then you can simply install it in front of the TV and enjoy the chosen TV series or movies, burning off excess kilocalories, and behind them, shade extra pounds. But what if you do not have such luxury? No problem! With the help of simple sports equipment, we will pick up with you the universal exercises that will not distract from watching TV and will allow you to pump all the major muscle groups.

Exercise to do while watching tv

You can perform many exercises while watching TV, but let’s start with basic one. For this, we need a chair with a back, hula-hoop, dumbbells, a sports mat.

So, we change into a sports swimsuit. Include your favorite series, transfer, film, music channel (the right to emphasize or add your own version). Begin.


warm up while watching tv

Gently knead our neck. We bow our heads one by one to the right and left shoulders. Then back and forth. Repeat 6 times.

We pass to the warming up of the shoulder girdle. The right hand is above, the left hand is below. Have changed hands. Repeat 6 times.

We rotate the shoulders forward 6 times, backward 6 times. Excellent. While nothing distracts us from the screen. They closed their hands in front of them, then opened it. Repeat 6 times. Next, let’s do the waist. Take the hula-hoop and rotate it at the waist 50 times in each direction, if you don’t have a ring you can perform it without it. Many users of this massive hoop complain that just twisting it is boring. Watching TV great will brighten up the time of a one-ton workout with a hula-hoop. Excellent. Not being distracted from the screen, we pass to the training of the fillet part of our figure. For this, we need a chair with a backrest and preferably on wheels for optimal room maneuverability. We will make flies with our feet. For this, we first look around, so as not to hit with feet on the furniture. The emphasis is on the back of the chair. We make 20 swings back one foot, then another 20 second.


We hold with both hands behind the back of the chair. We do shallow squats, do not tear off the foot from the floor. 30 repetitions. Experts say that regular performance of this simple exercise will expel cellulite from the skin.


Focus with one hand on the back of the chair. We move forward, alternately on each leg. Repeat 20 times with each leg.

Oblique press

oblique crunches

They shook hands, shook their feet. We will swing the press. To do this, we lay down on the mat on the side facing the screen. The persistent arm is stretched out on the floor in front of you. The second arm is bent at the elbow and wound up behind the head. At the same time, we lift the upper part of the trunk and the half-bent legs to each other. We repeat 20 times. Lie down on the other side. Another 20 repetitions.

Back and biceps

Bent Over Row
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For this we need dumbbells. Focus with one hand on the seat of a chair or sofa. With the second hand raise the dumbbell to the level of the chest. Repeat 10 times. Then we take a dumbbell in both hands, from the position along the trunk bend our arms in the elbows, raise the dumbbells to the level of the chest. Repeat 10 times. Another effective exercise for the back. Sit down on the sofa in front of the TV. We put the chest on his knees and pull the dumbbells to the level of the chest, then lower them to the floor. Repeat 10 times. Generally to be engaged before TV with dumbbells is a pleasure. The exercises themselves are simple but rather monotonous, although effective. Viewing your favorite channel will make this occupation much more interesting! So, with the exercises for the back we finished, but do not rush to remove the dumbbells. With their help, we will pump the biceps.

Shoulder and triceps

Hands with dumbbells bend at the elbows and hold at the chest level. Then straighten your arms over your head. Repeat 10 times. From the position of the arm down along the trunk, we lift them to the sides to the level of the shoulders. The so-called exercise “butterfly”. Repeat 10 times. Excellent. The biceps is over for today. Let’s move on to training the triceps. Lean forward, arms with dumbbells bent at the elbows at the chest level. Then straighten your arms and put them behind your back. Repeat 10 times. They straightened up. Hands are lowered along the trunk, then bend them in the elbows and raise them to the chest, turning the palms outward. Repeat 10 times. And the last exercise. We raise our hands up and start to wind them by the head. Again up. Repeat 10 times.

Many other exercises which you can do while watching TV

stretching while watching tv

  1. Spot Running: The easiest way to get a workout is to start running on the spot. Choose your favorite TV show and rotary during advertising. There are usually 15 minutes of advertising per hour on television. This means that you can finish running for half an hour while watching TV for 2 hours. To go a little easy, you can even try walking on the spot.
  2. Dancing: Dancing is the best form of cardio. Listen to your favorite music and show break move. It’s fun and energetic to get a workout. You can easily burn 130-150 calories during the dance in just half an hour.
  3. Invest in machine: If you can afford machines like treadmills, paddlers, exercise bikes, step ladder, you can get a great workout by exercising in front of the TV, but it’s not necessary.
  4. Exercise ball: Instead of sitting on a chair, use to exercise ball. She challenges the basic muscles for proper exercise, and you can do anything while you are watching TV.
  5. Leg exercise: Look at how many sit-ups you can make during a 3 or 4 minute break for advertising, sitting down then appear immediately to the standing position. This is a good exercise for the legs and buttocks. Stand up so that your feet are about the width of your shoulders and put your hands on your hips. Keeping your back perfectly straight and, looking straight ahead, bend your knees slowly, as if you are about to sit in a chair. Back in standing position.
  6. Jumping Jacks: 5 to 10 minutes a day Jumping Jack workouts are a great way to get a rush of adrenaline, and they will also allow you to focus on several watching TV. Jumping Jack (also known as a jump start) is an exercise performed by moving to a position with a wide apart legs and hands touchingly overhead, and then returns to the position of the legs together, hands to the side.
  7. Abs Exercises: sitting on a couch or sofa, just tighten abs muscles. Doing 20-30 repetitions is a simple exercise, you are strengthening the abdominal muscles.
  8. steps: Try to simulate the exercise of walking up the stairs using a low platform. This gives the bottom of the body a great workout when getting your heart pumped in. Just step with one foot and then the other, then step back down with one foot and then increase the pace for a greater intensity of training.
  9. Toe Exercises: Sit barefoot on the couch and just lift your toes, with your heels firmly on the ground. Hold for five and repeat. This is a big simple exercise for calves. To stretch the muscle of the thigh, lift the knee of one leg to the chest and hold the count of five. Repeat with the opposite leg.
  10. Push-ups: commercial breaks during the show are an excellent opportunity to do push-ups, sit-ups or other exercises that take your eyes off the TV. Push-ups hit the chest, shoulders and triceps areas, building the strength of the basic and common power. If you are a beginner, you can do all of these walls, and when you have built enough strength, you can switch to the floor to press.

You see, watching TV does not mean you have to be a lazy person. You can get a great workout and have fun at the same time!

After completing the workout, we do a little stretching. Sitting on the floor in a lotus position, lean forward. We do not drop our heads, our eyes are fixed on the screen. We are stretching our hands in front of us. We try to stay in this position for as long as possible.

Sometimes it is difficult for people who traditionally attend a gym to get to him in connection with work. Is there a feeling of guilt over the missed workout? You can get rid of it by doing these exercises, when you return home, enjoying your favorite program. Remember, no matter how busy you are, there is always a way to maintain body health.

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