10 Butt Exercises At Home For Women

Here are the 10 best butt exercises at home for women to reduce fat and keep your buttocks in shape. This butt workout makes your bums and thighs tighter and burns fat.

twisting bicycle

The area of the buttocks is often the zone of attack by fat deposits in women. This is because this part of the body, as a rule, is the least exposed to physical stress.

For this reason, the lymph drainage is broken, fat deposits appear, which can be handled only by using several methods in the complex at once.

A special complex of the 10 most effective exercises for the buttocks at home for women and girls is aimed at tightening the muscles of priests, legs and lasers and also speed up the process of burning fat. Most often it is not so difficult to choose the time on the way to a slender figure.

Top 10 butt exercise at home for women

The number of exercises for each exercise is individual. Choose the number of repetitions, which is comfortable for you. With a correctly calculated load, after performing a set of exercises for tightening the buttocks and thighs, there should be a feeling of pleasant fatigue. The next day there may be a pain in the muscles, over which you have worked hard – this is normal! But the pain in the joints most often indicates that you have violated the technique of performing the exercise, and the main load has fallen on the joints, and not on the muscles. So, let’s go!

1. Plie Squats

plie squat
Source: popsugar.com

This forced movement works through the muscular groups of the buttocks and thighs and is one of the best exercises at home for priests and legs. Crouch can be done with a dumbbell, or with a neck or a bar on the shoulders.

  1. Be level. The back is straight, the chin is slightly raised.
  2. Put your feet slightly wider than your shoulders. Step socks unfold outward. Hands are located freely along the body. To increase the load, they can be pulled forward parallel to the floor, and also apply weights in the form of dumbbells or bottles of water.
  3. Slowly we squat and return to the starting position. At the maximum point, the legs in the knee joint should form a right angle. We perform the exercise approximately, ten times for three approaches.

2. Lunges

A great exercise for strengthening the muscular groups of the buttocks and thighs.

Alternating Forward Lunges
Source: gethealthyu.com
  1. Be level. Legs slightly spread out. We make a step forward, bend the leg at a right angle and slowly sit down on it.
  2. The rear leg is fully straightened and close to the floor, leaning on the toe. We keep our back straight, shoulders spread out.
  3. We rise with an emphasis on the foot of the foot, put forward. We perform the exercise approximately, ten times 2-3 set.

3. Deadlift with dumbbells

Exercise is well loaded and works on the gluteus muscle group, as well as the hamstring.

deadlift with dumbbells

  1. The toe can be slightly deployed inside, this will help reduce the burden on the lower back.
  2. We take dumbbells in our hands and place them at the front surface of the thigh.
  3. Lean forward, knees straight. If you cannot hold your knees in this way, you can slightly bend them.
  4. Hands with dumbbells move from the hip joint to the middle of the shin and back. The back is straight with a natural curve in the lower back.

We perform this exercise ten times in two sets.

4. Gluteal bridge

Exercise in isolation affects the gluteal muscle.

glute bridge

We lay down freely, arms along the trunk, feet shoulder-width apart.

  1. Knees bend at right angles and tear off the buttocks from the floor, leaning on the feet. In this case, a semi-lock is formed.
  2. Under the feet, you can put an elevation to increase the load on the gluteal muscles. We stay in this position for a few seconds.
  3. We go back down to the floor.

We perform the exercise ten times for three sets.

5. Inverse leg raise

Caterpillar plank

We work on the muscles of the buttocks, the front and back surfaces of the thigh burn fat under the bootleg on the legs. Used to give beautiful round shape buttocks, from whom they are naturally square.

  1. We kneel and rely on the hands. We do not raise the head it should be in line with the body.
  2. We perform turn-by-turn straight legs with maximum amplitude.
  3. Breathing cannot be delayed, exhale when you raise your leg.

We perform the exercise ten times for three sets.

6. Hyperextension

Excellent exercise for the buttocks without stress on the knees and quadriceps. Muscles of the lower back and press are also studied.


  1. The initial position is lying on the abdomen. Hands can be arranged in two versions, this way you can increase or decrease the load during this exercise.
  2. Hands located along the body, relieve some of the load from the muscles being worked on. If you put your hands in the lock behind your head, the load increases.
  3. On exhalation we begin to smoothly tear off the upper part of the trunk from the floor. We stay at the top point for two or three seconds and come back.

We perform the exercise ten times for three sets.

7. Walking on the buttocks

We load the gluteal muscles, as well as the muscles of the back and front surface of the thigh. This unusual exercise helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. Do it better on a mat.

  1. We sit down on the floor. Feet together. The back is straight, the shoulders are slightly back, the chin is raised. In this position, the load will be correctly distributed to all muscle groups.
  2. We begin movement on the gluteal region, forward and backward. Movements are performed at a fast pace on free breathing.

We perform the exercise ten times for three sets.

8. Chair pose

Static is an exercise performed at rest. Nevertheless, it gives a strong load to the area of the buttocks, hips and back of the lower leg. Chair pose is one of the best static exercises for the buttocks and legs.

chair pose

  1. We stand with our backs to the wall at a distance of fifty centimeters.
  2. Gradually sit down as if you were under a chair. At the same time, we rely on our backs against the wall.
  3. We keep the hip and knee joints at an angle of ninety degrees. Hands freely lowered down.
  4. Pose try to keep for one minute.

We do several repetitions.

9. Step ups

stepups popsugar

Exercise perfectly effect the muscles of the thighs and butt. Develops a sense of balance. One of the best exercises for elastic buttocks at home. You can use any elevation step, bench, chair or even perform on the stairs. Good charge for losing weight in the morning.

  1. We step on the platform with our legs alternately. The execution rate is average.
  2. That leg that is on the platform, lift, bend at the knee joint, hold for a few seconds in this position, then lower it.

The number of repetitions performed is from ten to twelve in several sets.

Caution! Quickly perform the exercise is not recommended. Attention should be focused on maintaining balance!

10. Bicycle

This exercise effectively burns the fat from abs and butt.

bicycle crunches

  1. Lay down on the back. Hands are placed behind the head.
  2. We bend the legs in the knees, the hips are located at a right angle from the floor level. To increase the load on the gluteus muscles of the press, the hips can be as close to the floor as possible.
  3. We bend alternately the legs in the knees, trying to touch the elbow of the opposite bent arm. The right elbow is the left knee, and vice versa.

We do ten repetitions of three or four sets. You can do it several times a week or every other day. There are many more effective exercises for butt which you can do easily at home. So, keep changing exercise after some time to effectively work on butt, thighs and glute.

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