10 Best Stability Ball Ab exercises

Here are the best stability ball ab exercises for the beginner. Learn how you can use the exercise ball to build the abs and get rid of love handles with the simple workout.

Stability Ball Ab exercises
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Stability ball is great for exercise, which can now be found in almost any fitness room. In our homeland, this inventory has become popular recently, but its effectiveness has been quickly proved, so it was used in most fitness clubs. Also, often stability ball are bought for home lessons. Using their home has many advantages. It is convenient, does not require much space and additional equipment. And you can study at any convenient time. If the family has children, this amazing ball will bring benefit and pleasure to the whole family. Particularly effective are exercises on the abs with a stability ball.

How to use stability ball

The stability ball has many names. It is called a Swiss ball, a gymnastic ball, a fitness ball, fitball. But this does not change the essence. Using this equipment allows you to diversify the training mode, make the classes more interesting and enjoyable, which positively affects their effectiveness. In addition, the benefits of such pursuits are also great. Fitball for the waist and the abs can be very effective.
It allows you to work out those muscles that, as a rule, do not work, or work very poorly. This is especially true of the “muscular corset”, that is, those muscles that support our right and healthy posture. Training with the ball will make you constantly balance. This gives a big load on the muscles of the abs and back, and both shallow and deep, which in other exercises are lightly loaded.

Exercises for the abs on fitball help to improve coordination, balance, stability. These skills help prevent falls, and with the serious injuries.

They give the opportunity to get the most out of it. Massage elements additionally act on the muscles, relieving their tension and fatigue. Also, massage improves blood circulation and restores skin tone.

Best stability ball ab exercises

Training with a fitball initially affect the posture and muscle corset. And the latter includes the abdominal press. If he is trained, he can protect the spine, ensure proper posture, beautiful gait.

Those who want to have beautiful and powerful abs, must necessarily buy fitball and start with it. Of course, do not just limit yourself to these activities, because diversity is more pleasant and effective. But knowing how to properly press the abs on the fitball, you will give yourself the opportunity to achieve excellent results.

Consider the best exercises on the abs on fitball, which will be very useful for the abdomen and waist.

1. Rollback on ball

rollback on fitball

A very difficult but effective exercise on the fitball abs, which will give you the opportunity to warm up, so it is recommended to use it at the beginning of the session.

Place your hands on the floor. The face should be directed downward, legs (preferably only the feet) – lean on the ball. Slowly start moving back on your hands, so that the ball rolls forward, and as a result is under your stomach or chest. It is desirable not to lower the legs on the floor, but keep them raised. Do a reverse roll to keep the ball under your feet. It is important to try to keep balance and not roll off the fitball. Exercise as many times as you can, until you get tired.

2. Stability ball crunch

Stability ball Crunch

Crunches for the abs on the fitball is done as follows. You need to sit on the ball, keep your back straight, slightly spread your legs. The feet must rest on the floor. Go down the ball so that the shoulder blades lie on it, and the legs move forward. Then, close your hands on the back of your head and start to swing the abs. The legs should be at right angles.

This exercise can be done with additional equipment, for example, a small ball or dumbbells in the hands. In this case, hands, when you lower the upper part of the trunk, should be wound behind the head or fall to the chest. When twisting, they should stretch upward.

3. Abs twist on stability ball

Abs twist on stability ball

This exercise is performed without a fitball and is known as “Russian crunches”. It is effective for the oblique muscles of the abs. How to pump an ab with the ball through this exercise? The starting position is similar to the previous exercise. Hands need to be diverted to the side. At the expense of time tear off the blade from the ball, turn the body to the left and bring your hands together. At the expense of two, return the original position. Then at the expense of three, repeat the turn, but in the opposite direction. At the expense of four, again return to the starting position.

There is a more difficult option. He suggests that you have to make turns, not letting the shoulders fall on the ball. The voltage, in this case, will be greater, respectively, and the efficiency is higher.

4. Elevated leg ball crunches

elevated leg ball crunches

With equipment such as fitball, abs exercises from the category of crunches can be so. Lay down on the rug, throw your feet on the ball. The legs can be either straight or bent. It is recommended to do both, as the load will be slightly different. Be kicked in the ball. Hands bend in the elbows, put them on the back of the head. Pull in your stomach. Tear your shoulders off the floor and stretch your body to your hips, then lower your shoulder blades and head to the floor. Thus, we do ordinary crunches until the burning muscles are felt.

5. Oblique crunches

elevated leg Oblique crunches on ball

You need to accept the same starting position, as in the previous exercise. Tearing off the shoulders from the floor, you should turn the body slightly to the side, and with the hand of the opposite side, reach for the knee. The body turns to the right, the left arm comes off the head and touches the lower leg or knee. Then she returns behind the head and immediately turns into the left side with a detachment from the head of the right hand. Blades should not touch the floor, this will keep the tension.

6. Hyperextension

hyperextention on ball

Exercises on the bottom abs on the fitball often include hyperextension. She also perfectly coaches her back muscles.

You need to lie down on the fitball face down. The ball should be under the fat and thighs. Hands bend in the elbows, put on the back of the head. Socks legs should rest on the floor. The body should be a straight line. Make the body tilt down, then lift it as high as possible. Then go back to the starting position, where the body and legs are a straight line. Repeat the exercise in this way: tilt the body, lift it, go back to the straight line.

Hyperextension on fitbole is done quite difficult because you need to constantly keep the balance. But eventually, you will adjust when the muscular corset is trained.

7. Ball leg raise

ball leg raise

You need to lie down on the rug with your back, fitball with your legs. Pull out your legs and keep them on the floor. Hands behind the head. Perform crunches, raise your shoulders off the floor and simultaneously raise your legs with meat. Then unwind. The legs can be straight or half-bent. Do not rush and hold your breath.

8. Stability ball pass

Stability ball pass

Fitball abs exercises, whose videos will help you understand how to perform them, include such twists that are very complex and effective. Lie down on the rug down, catch ball and pick them up by the head. Pull out your legs, lift them a few centimeters above the surface. Inhale, tear off the shoulders from the floor, with the body, with hands, reach for the legs. At the same time, raise your legs. On an exhalation, you need to pass the ball from the hands to the legs and make the unwinding. Empty hands again pull out behind the head. Raise the hull again, hand the ball from the feet to the hands. Continue this way further: twist, pass the ball, unwind. Repeat until you get tired.

9. Push-ups with a fitball

Push-ups with a fitball

Push-ups are useful not only for the muscles of the back, shoulders, arms, and chest. They give a load on the muscles of the abs, and if you press off the floor on the ball, this load will be several times higher, so the abs on fitball in pictures often include this exercise. Perform as expected, but the feet must rest on the ball. That is, you need to perform inclined push-ups, more complicated than usual. With this exercise, the muscles will work at full strength.

To simplify the exercise, you can rest on the ball with your knees. To complicate it, rest on only part of the shin and feet. Repeat as many as you can.

10. Ball abs rollout

Ball abs rollout

Fitball can act as a roller for the abs. The effect will be somewhat different, but very strong. We rock the abs on the fitball like this: sit on your knees on the rug, put the ball in front of you and rest on it with your hands clenched into fists. First, bend your hands a little. Closer to yourself put them on the ball. Keeping the balance, roll the ball from you forward, while unwinding and stretching. You need to stretch your arms completely. Do not lie on the ball with your chest, only hands should be on it. Knees still have to lie on the floor. When stretched, stay in this position for 5-10 seconds. Again, do the twisting by rolling the ball back. If done correctly, you will feel the tension of the muscles of the abs and their stretching. Do as much as you can. Exercise is relatively easy, can replace the stretching. Ideal as a hitch at the end of the session.

Fitball exercises are fun and effective. Regularly performing such a training, you will soon notice obvious results. The main thing is not to be lazy.

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