5 Best Resistance Band Leg Exercises

Find the best resistance band leg exercises to fully toned your leg muscle. This exercise will help you to strengthen and burn fat from the lower body without injuries.

Best Resistance Band Leg Exercises

A usual resistance band is not such a simple product, as it may seem at first glance. You can do a full body workout with only resistance band and maintain a perfect figure.

The following exercises for legs with a resistance band allow to qualitatively work out and stretch all the muscle groups, to include in work both large and many small muscles.

Best resistance band leg exercises

These movements are specially selected for maximum stretching and development of the muscles of the leg and lower body with the resistance band.

1. Stretching movements of muscles

There are many options for doing this exercise. From them, you can choose the ones that suit you best. If desired, you can use them all, this will give the best stretching and muscle training. Your workouts will have the maximum result. Also, stretching is used to burn unnecessary muscles, if you are not satisfied with the pumped up view of the lower body. You can use special resistance bands for stretching the muscles of the legs. When performing each option, the stress is shifted to stretching and working out different muscles:

Option 1: This option works on the external and internal surface of the thigh.

Standing 1 Leg Side Raise with resistance band

  1. Exercise is performed while standing. We keep a resistance band, and we put the received circle of a tape on an area of ankle joints. The narrower the circle, the stronger the load on the muscles. Legs are bred to the width of shoulders.
  2. Hands, bent at the elbows, keep at the waist. For those who perform the exercise for the first time, you can hold on to some support, for example, behind the door jamb.
  3. We make flops with our legs, with maximum amplitude, taking our right foot aside.

For each leg, we do ten movements. If you have mastered the performance of the lesson, you can do two or three approaches to increase the load.

Option 2: We work on the muscles of the thigh and lower leg.

leg press with resistance band

  1. We perform lying on the back.
  2. The legs are raised vertically and bend at the knee. The ends of latex rubber we take in hands and we put a tape on stops.
  3. Straighten the legs, overcoming the resistance of the rubber band. We do ten repetitions.

Option 3: We work on the muscles of the inner and outer surface of the thigh. This load perfectly removes flabbiness between the legs.

  1. We are doing lying on our side.
  2. We tie a rubber band and put the resulting circle on the middle of the shin.
  3. We raise the right foot as high as possible, overcoming the resistance of the tape.
  4. We repeat the exercise for the left foot.

Option 4: Stretching of popliteal tendons. We load the hamstrings and the back of the thigh.

  1. We fix the ends of the resistance band on the palms and wind it under the feet. Brushes of hands are pressed to the shoulders.
  2. Do the slopes before the formation of a right angle in the hip joints. Straighten the body, overcoming the resistance of the rubber bands.

Important! On an exhalation, we load muscles, on inhalation we relax. That is stretch the rubber band always on exhalation!

2. Squats with a resistance band

We work on the gluteal muscles, the hind and foreleg and the lower leg. Excellent basic exercise for the legs with a rubber band.

squat with resistance band

  1. We perform standing, feet on the width of the shoulders.
  2. We take the resistance band in our hands and put it under the feet.
  3. Palm of hands are pressed to the shoulders. The elastic is taught in this position.
  4. We crouch down to the formation of a right angle in the knees. We get up, overcoming the resistance of the tape.

We do ten repetitions. Using rubber simulates squats with dumbbells or other weights. Also, squats are some of the best loads from fat on the hips.

3. Single leg kick back

Option 1: We work the gluteus muscles, the hind and foreleg, the muscles of the leg.

kickback with resistance band

  1. We perform it while kneeling and banding.
  2. We fix the ends of the resistance band on the palms and wind it over the right foot. We perform the swings with the right foot, straightening the leg in the knee.
  3. Repeat for the left foot.

We do ten or twelve repetitions of the exercise.

Option 2: We work on the muscles of the hip, buttocks and lower legs.

  1. We perform lying on the stomach.
  2. We fix a band and put on the middle of the leg.
  3. Hands bent at the elbows, we put under the chin. We do turn by legs with legs, trying to raise our legs as high as possible, overcoming the resistance of the rubber bands.

We do ten or twelve repetitions.

Important! Using a resistance band, it is very convenient to choose for yourself the necessary level of load. The hardness of the rubber tape should be increased, gradually replacing it to a new level.

4. Resistance Band Crab Walk

This is a kind of walking with a resistance band on your legs. We are working on inner and outer thighs.

Resistance Band Crab Walk

  1. We perform the exercise while standing. We put our feet on the width of the shoulders. We fix the ends of the tape on the palms and wind it under the feet.
  2. Brushes of hands are pressed to the shoulders.
  3. We do step-by-step steps to the left to the right.

We perform ten to twelve repetitions of the exercise.

Attention! Recommendations for the load are applied taking into account the characteristics of each individual. Those who lead a low-activity lifestyle, you need to start with the use of a rubber expander yellow and increase the number of exercises gradually.


Be sure to read the following tips for implementation of resistance band workout.

  1. The choice of the projectile according to the level of rigidity. Different simulators are designed for different levels of resistance. Each degree of resistance has its own color. If you are just starting to practice, you will need a yellow or red color with a low level of load. Green and blue give a maximum load. Understand how to use the resistance band for the feet before starting the exercises.
  2. Muscles work only if they resist the stiffness of the resistance band, so as the muscles grow stronger, the elastic can be replaced by a harder one. The usual range of stiffness, which is most often used by women, is yellow – red – green. Men, well developed physically, can use the level with the greatest difficulty, a rubber expander of blue color.
  3. Selection of resistance band by length. The band is sold as a roll, and you can take for yourself the required piece. To find the optimal length, you need to remember that in the reserve there should be centimeters fifty so that it is enough to wind on your hands. Usually, the average length that will be needed is two to two and a half meters.
  4. Each of the recommended exercises should be performed on average 10-12 reps, using several approaches.
  5. Each movement must be done with a full amplitude, then the load will be as high as possible. If by the first time this does not work out, the build-up of the amplitude can be postponed slightly. After working and stretching the muscles, after a while you will feel that you are ready for heavy loads.
  6. Do not make sudden movements when using bands. They should be smooth, but proper. Buy it from proven manufacturers, it’s a guarantee that training will not bring unpleasant surprises.
  7. We avoid injuries while working out. Exercises with a rubber band, a good opportunity to strengthen the muscles! But in doing so, it is necessary to comply with the technique of execution to avoid stretching the ligaments. Especially it concerns the use of expanders with the maximum level of rigidity.

The resistance band is a workout product that is easy to take with you and perform activities, for example, at a lunch break at work or at another convenient time.

Many women prefer the rubber tube band because of its ease of use, compactness and excellent training results. Such loads are always included in the training programs of professional athletes, as they are most effective for stretch marks.

Training with resistance band will help burns calories and give muscles a relief. Your figure will become toned and slim, as this type of exercise gives a very good load on the muscles of the whole body.

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