Best Morning Exercise Routine at Home

Find the best morning exercise routine at home which is effective for weight loss. The 15 minutes morning workout for man and women to strengthen muscles and lose weight.

minute morning workout-routine

Several effective exercises in the morning will not take much time, but will bring a lot of benefits to your body. Develop a useful habit and no doubt get fresh mind and energetic body all day.

Even very small loads will help the body to wake up. The cardiovascular system will begin to forcefully drive blood through the body and carry oxygen to each cell. And this increases the level of energy and gives strength. In 10-15 minutes you will be ready to “turn mountains”.

What are the benefits of morning exercise

There are many benefits of morning exercise, even at home which includes:

morning mood

Excellent mood

Morning exercise does not involve heavy loads, it’s easy and enjoyable exercises. And if it’s nice, then the brain will not keep itself waiting and will give the command to produce endorphins – hormones of happiness and joy. After all, it’s great to start a new day with a good mood, all adversity will go to the background, and with a smile on your face, you can go to conquer the world.

Getting rid of excess weight

Forcing all organs to work, you by means of charging start processes of digestion and accelerate a metabolism. In addition, moderate and regular loads contribute to the burning of excess fat deposits, strengthen muscles and keep the body in a tone.

Willpower training

Getting up a bit early in the morning is a big test for many. Forcing yourself to break away from a soft and warm bed and take up exercises, you develop a useful habit, train and strengthen willpower, with which you will not have to think to overcome laziness.

Immunity is strengthened

Thanks to morning exercises, the body gets enough oxygen, energy and health for the whole day. Even without taking into account the basis of the healthy lifestyle and the research of specialists, it can be concluded that it strengthens the immune system and stimulates mental activity.

Rules for performing morning exercises

Morning exercise routine is aimed at stretching the muscles, there should not be any strength exercises. Remember, it is enough only to “start” the body, and heavy morning loads can adversely affect the work of the heart.

After awakening, give yourself 15-20 minutes to finally get rid of the power of Morpheus. Drink a glass of clean water with a few drops of lemon juice. It is wrong to jump off the bed and immediately begin active exercises. For the body, this will be stress. Do not rush, slightly stretch, twist, strain the muscles and only then rise from the bed. Perform all necessary morning procedures and proceed.

10 Ideas on how to motivate yourself for morning exercises

wake up early morning

Forcing yourself to perform regular exercises, and also to wake up for this earlier than usual, the task is not easy. We offer several ideas that will help turn the morning exercise routine into a pleasant habit.

  1. Move your alarm clock: Usually an alarm clock is placed somewhere near the bed, at the head of the bed, on the bedside table, etc. Set it far from yourself, for example, at the other end of the room. You have to get out of bed to turn it off. So you’ll wake up easier and be able to do the exercises.
  2. Take the help of family members or friends: Agree with your family that you will do everything together in the morning. This will not only revive everyone but will also bring people together, because a common goal will appear. If you live alone, then connect to charging friends. Contact them by phone or online.
  3. Record your goals: Every Sunday (or another day of the week that counts as a countdown) make a plan for the next week. Clearly write down what time you will wake up each day, and what exercises should be performed. Later you can assess your success or failure.
  4. Motivating yourself: Music is a great motivator. Set an invigorating, “light” song on the alarm clock, and then turn on the player or music player and start charging under your favorite tracks. They will give positive thoughts and help to overcome fatigue.
  5. Prepare a place for morning exercises in advance: You do not have to waste time finding and spreading a rug, bring a chair or collect other necessary equipment if you do it the night before. In addition, this will serve as an additional motivation for charging, because you tried yesterday and prepared everything, you can not just pass by.
  6. Encourage yourself: If you managed to complete a one-week plan, then reward yourself, do a manicure, watch an interesting film or go for a walk to your favorite park. Buy a new T-shirt for charging or something else for training, which will help to wake up more actively in the mornings.
  7. Tell about your plans and successes to the whole world: Thanks to modern technologies, it is easy to implement. Tell your friends on social networks that they are now set up to do exercises every morning. Regularly report about your achievements. Perhaps, by your successes, you will inspire someone else.
  8. Give yourself time: Get up early in the morning is usually difficult. And at first, it will seem simply unbearable. But in no case do not give up. Wait a week for another and you will feel that you are accustomed to the new regime. You will begin to sleep better, wake up to the alarm bell and will be full of energy all day, besides, morning exercises will help to make an ideal daily routine.
  9. Think over your breakfast: If after a morning workout you are experiencing severe hunger, then eat something insignificant, but which will able to give you strength: a little almond or banana. After charging, eat a full breakfast, prepare something special, as a reward for your efforts. But keep in mind that the food should be healthy and not lean.
  10. Motivate yourself psychologically: You must clearly understand why you are doing the morning exercises routine. If you want to lose weight, then place in a visible place a photo of a role model, to whose forms you aspire. If you want to be cheerful and healthy, make a list of what you can achieve if you start your day actively.

Morning exercise is a great habit, the effect of which will be seen instantly

We have prepared 10 effective exercises that will help wake up and charge positive emotions for the whole day.

10 exercises for morning exercises

1. Pulling

morning stretching

Start with the stretch marks up. Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Put the hands in the lock, turn the palms outward from yourself. Slowly raise your hands above your head and begin to stretch your whole body to the ceiling. Keep your back and head flat, do not bend. Perform the exercise for 10-15 seconds 3-4 times.

2. Steps in place

steps in place

Human feet have many sensitive points that are responsible for the work of different organs. To make their light massage, step on the spot, alternately placing emphasis on the heels, socks and side parts of the foot. Do the exercise for 30-50 seconds.

3. Rolling from toes to the heels

rolling toes

Rise steadily. Place the feet at a distance of 15 cm from each other. Inhale and stand on your toes, exhale and smoothly roll onto your heels. Repeat the exercise 20-25 times.

4. Rotations

Rotations warm up

To warm up the body, it is best to perform rotational movements. Start with the head, then go to the hands, elbows, shoulders, feet, ankles and knees. For each part of the body, select 10 repeats in each side.

5. Curtsy Squat

Curtsy Squat

A simple but effective exercise that will help tap into many important muscles. Stand upright, place your feet on the width of the shoulders, hands on the waist. Slowly lean forward, then straighten your back and do one squat. Keep your back as flat as possible to avoid injury to your knees. Exercise repeat 10-20 times.

6. Side leg stretch

Side Leg Stretch

Take the vertical position, place the legs slightly wider than the shoulders. Raise your right arm up. Smoothly, without sudden movements, first lean to the left, then change your hand and lean to the right. Keep your back straight, bend straight to the side. Repeat the exercise 15 times in each direction.

7. Knee to chest


Accept the prone position. Straighten your hands up. Start with the right foot. Bend it in the knee and pull it toward you as much as possible, at the same time, pull the bent left arm to the knee. After change your leg and arm. Repeat the exercise 15 times for each leg.

8. Cat stretch

cat stretch

We pull the abdominal muscle. To do this, stand on the mat with your knees, lean on the bent brushes. Alternately bend and unbend the back muscles.

9. Push-ups


There is a normal and lightweight version of push-ups. It differs only in the position of the legs. If you are well prepared, then push with legs outstretched, resting on socks, if so hard, then lean on your knees. Perform 15 push-ups.

10. Stretching


Stand up, put your hands up. On exhalation, rise on your toes and gently stretch as high as possible. On inhalation, drop completely on the feet and relax the muscles. Repeat the exercises 5 times for 10 seconds.
After completing the all the simple exercise in morning Restore your breathing, have breakfast and go conquer new peaks.

Doing morning exercises is easy, we hope, thanks to our advice, tomorrow you will start your journey to a healthier lifestyle.


Perhaps some of the exercises suggested above for some reason do not suit you. Then safely replace them with others, use gadgets for training or consult specialists. Don’t try to do everything on the first day otherwise, you will injure yourself. Take a slow but steady step. Share with us your successes or effective exercises that you do yourself.

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