5 Best Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

Here are the best hamstring strengthening exercises with a proper hamstring workout routine. Learn to work on the back of the leg to avoid leg injuries and get legs like a sprinter or bodybuilder.

Best Hamstring Strengthening Exercises

The hamstrings are a combination of 3 muscles consisting of the femoris, semimembranosus and semitendinosus. To get the complete strength of leg muscle it is important to work on the hamstring.

In addition to the facts that it helps in the stability of knee joints, studies show that approximately weak hamstrings as related to quads are responsible for the large incidence of hamstring pulls or anterior damages of cruciate ligaments. These research alone will suffice to prevent weakness of the hamstring. If you are looking for a way to strengthen the hamstrings, start with these strategies.

Program for hamstring

Everyone probably has a day for legs, and it should include the following exercises: squats, leg presses, lunges, leg extensions, and leg bands. But most often, hamstring exercises are performed at the very end of the workout, when the fatigue of the legs at a high-level willow you can hardly walk. At this time, you have in mind the only thought of completing a workout. This is hardly conducive to the development of needy muscles. You need to train the hamstrings at the beginning of the leg training when you have a high desire and no fatigue.

Another approach is to work your legs after a day of rest. Strategically place a day of rest during you will eat well and sleep a lot before training. This contributes to the development of the lagging part of the body.

You can also split the training of your hamstring and the four-headed muscles on different days. This allows you to devote more energy to each exercise without holding to do one muscle right after other. The key point here is the separation of such training for at least couple of days. The insertion of upper body workout in between two leg training sessions better provides sufficient recovery.

Best hamstring strengthening exercises

Here is the 5 best hamstring strengthening exercise which you can do easily at home.

1. Deadlift

proper deadlift

One of the most effective basic loads for the hamstring muscle. The front part of the legs and the body part of the back are also involved. Also, recall that this exercise is one of the best movements to raise the buttocks.
The complexity of implementation is medium. Need concentration and endurance. From inventory, it is better to use dumbbells or a bar of comfortable weight.

Technique of execution:

  1. The starting position, the legs on the width of the shoulders, the knees slightly bent, the back straight, bent in the lower back, weighing in the hands in the groin area.
  2. On inhale, bend in the area of the back, hands with weight increase slide along the trunk to the middle of the shin.
  3. Without stopping at the bottom, exhale and return to the starting position.

To push off from the bottom point it is necessary to try it with the hamstring and the muscles that lead to it. Do not feel the area being trained, all efforts are in vain.

The dumbbell or bar should move strictly along the body. The farther from the body of the neck, the more bad load on the spine and the chance of injury.

2. Squats on one leg

One Leg Squat
Source: womenfitness.net

Squats themselves are very effective for the lower body. But really will be loaded and will contribute to losing weight on the back surface of the squats on one leg. There are 2 types of this load, they differ in the location of the non-supporting leg. The complexity of the implementation is high, in addition to coordination, this training of the hamstrings will perfectly work out the necessary area and helps to strengthen the leg.

Technique of execution:

  1. The starting position is a straight back, the supporting leg is slightly bent at the knee, the second is bent and pressed against the body.
  2. We crouch as much as possible on inhalation.
  3. On exhaling, we return to the original position.

One leg squat with straight leg:

    Starting position, the body is stretched like a string, one straight leg is extended forward to a parallel with the floor.
  1. On inhale, the squat is committed.
  2. On exhalation, return to the position up.

If it is difficult to perform actions on the floor, put the one leg on a support, a chair, a stool or a bench.
Implement the exercise you need to the characteristic tension in the muscles. For starters, it is enough 15-20 times in several approaches. The time between approaches is 30-45 seconds. If the load is given easily, try picking up dumbbells.

Such squats help to change the shape of the gastrocnemius muscles, and, consequently, effectively combat the false curvature of the legs.

3. Jumping lunges

The combination of aerobic and power load will have a remarkable effect on pulling the figure. The complexity of execution due to jumps is quite high.

jumping lunges

In addition to the main muscle group, the exercise can help tighten the buttocks and muscles of the shins.

  1. Starting position, feet together, back even, arms at the seams, look forward.
  2. On inhaling, we lung forward with our right foot, exhale, hanging.
  3. On the next breath, we make a jump and land in an attack on the other leg.

You can do this exercise with or without weight.

For the necessary coordination of movements, help yourself when jumping with characteristic swings of your hands.

4. Lying hyperextention


Excellent static load, acting mainly on the hamstring muscle. Complexity is not high, but the main thing is to concentrate on the area under study and feel the muscle tension in it. This movement is also called Hyperextension lying on the floor.

  1. Starting position: To lay a rug, lie on the stomach, hands and feet straight and stretched down.
  2. On an inhalation, we understand 2 even legs up 15-20 centimeters from the level of the floor, we are delayed for 2-3 seconds.
  3. After exhaling, we come to the initial position.

You can perform actions both on both feet at once, and separately on each.

You can perform the exercise both without burdening and use weighting on calves or ankle.

5. Glute bridge

glute bridge

Functional exercise that involved the hamstring, buttocks, back muscles and strengthening of the press. The difficulty is small, the main thing is to keep the right deflection in the back, so as not to get injured. For greater efficiency, you can use 2 small pillars-elevations, you can put pancakes from a bar/dumbbell or folded several times a towel.

  1. The starting position is to lie on the floor on the back, the legs are bent and stand on the support, the body like a string resting on the forearms rises above the floor at a distance of 5-7 centimeters.
  2. On inhaling, bend the lower leg even more and push the pelvic area upward. Neck, back, trunk bottom should form a straight line.
  3. On exhalation we smoothly return to the original point.

To remove fat from the back of the thigh even more effectively? Place the weight from the bar on the pelvic area.

Caution! Pay special attention to the cervical department, it should not be pinched and overstrained, so that blood regularly enters the head.

The above exercises for the back of the thigh and buttocks will give a quick result only in combination with other methods of a healthy lifestyle.

Do not perform all the above loads together. It will be optimal to combine 2-3 exercises on the area of the back of the thigh with other muscles of the legs. Do not forget that the muscles need rest, so the interval between training sessions for one group should be at least 2 days.

Do not forget, there are many other movements that have shown quite a high efficiency on hamstring:

  1. Particularly effective are the Bike and Scissors.
  2. Stepping on the platform, are mandatory for inclusion in your complex.
  3. And, of course, you cannot do without Hyperextension and deadlift.

Combine classes with proper nutrition and cosmetic procedures and enjoy the results.

It is especially important to stretch the hamstrings after training, given the high percentage of their traumatism.

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