Best Chest Exercises for Mass

Find the best chest exercises for mass and muscles strength. You can do this build chest at gym or at home with bench, dumbells, bars and bodyweight exercises.

chest exercises for mass

This is one of those cases where the size matters. It is no coincidence that training of pectoral muscles occupies an important place in the training of bodybuilders, and one of the most frequently asked questions in the gym is which exercise to perform to bulk up chest muscles.

By the way, it has long been noticed closer to summer in the gyms a noticeable “surge in gym activity” begins. And, many of the beginners who decided to urgently puff up before the summer or prepare for the beach season, first of all, they are interested building chest muscle. Fortunately for many, this mission is quite feasible, and further we will consider how to properly pump pectoral muscles.

How to pump your chest: the rules of training

Training of the musculature of the chest is considered the most important in bodybuilding since a powerful and developed chest is the key characteristic of athletic build. In addition, strong pectoral muscles help in training the remaining muscles of the body, as they are anatomically related.

Since the chest is one of the largest muscle groups in the body, in addition to the obligatory progress in the working scales, it is important to pay attention not only to the correct technique of exercises but also to their variety, loading the pectoral muscles from different angles for their uniform development.

How to start chest training

warm up

Training of pectoral muscles should begin with push-ups from the floor and push-ups from the bars. The most effective exercise for the chest is the bench press lying down, but without having mastered, as it should, push-ups, it’s no big deal to start bench presses. Especially, for push-ups from the floor, there is no need to go to the gym, and squares for push-ups will be found on any sports ground.

The bench press, in a way is heavy artillery of bodybuilding, and there is no need to bring it into the business ahead of time. What is better in this situation, to press the bar with a pair of tiny pancakes or at first concentrate on push-ups. I think the answer is obvious. First, you need to “get involved” in training, enter into a tone, and then start to swing “in an adult”.

Basic exercise

chest muscels

This is primarily a horizontal and inclined bench press lying down and push-ups on the uneven bars. In this case, we mean push-ups on uneven bars with weight. These exercises involve the work of several joints and muscle groups, thereby allowing you to work with a lot of weight, and heavy weight means a lot of stress for the muscles. In consequence, the muscles grow and reward us with the desired volume.

Push-ups on the floor, this is the initial stage of training. The basic training of pectoral muscles for mass, ideally, should be built around the bench.

Thoracic muscles: anatomy


Thoracic muscles are divided into large and small. The large pectoral muscle has a triangular shape and is weaved by one of the bases in the shoulder, due to which the muscles of the chest and shoulders are connected. The small pectoral muscle is located under the large and is rather stabilizing, rather than working.

In fact, that the muscles of the chest cannot work in isolation. When performing any exercise on the chest, muscles of the upper zone of the press, hands (biceps and triceps), deltoid muscles and even back muscles will be involved. That is why the upper body is recommended to train in one workout.

Best Chest Exercises for Mass

One of the best chest exercises for mass can be performed with dumbbells or with a barbell. Dumbbells allow you to engage in muscle stabilizers, focusing on individual beams, and the bar is less injurious to the joints when working with large working weights.

  1. Push-ups

    Basic Push Up

    The most important anatomical exercise for the muscles of the chest. If you want to pump up the chest, you just need to learn how to properly push up and be able to feel the pectoral muscles in the work. However, push-ups have a limited resource for muscle growth, since they do not allow you to work with extra weight.

  2. Push-ups on the parallel bar

    dips on parallel bar

    One of the best exercises for the complex study of the upper part of the body, and, in particular, the lower part of the chest, shoulder girdle, and triceps. When lowering down, the movement should be slow and controlled, when lifting up – powerful and jerky (you seem to push the body up).

  3. Bench press flat

    bench press

    The basic force exercise for pectoral muscles. When doing bench press, it is important to follow the technique – do not relax the muscles of the chest at the top and bottom points of movement, do not straighten the elbows and do not touch the barbell. Raise the bar up, counting 1-2, hold for 3-4 and lower to the score 5-6.

  4. Dumbbells fly

    dumbbells fly

    A key exercise for working out the shape of the chest and giving it the correct “square” shape. Use not too big a weight of dumbbells, focusing first of all on the sensation of a stretching of muscles. At the lowest point of the movement, do not lower your elbows too low and do not spread your hands excessively wide.

  5. Dumbbells press on an incline bench

    incline dumbbell bench press

    It is an exercise for working the upper part of the pectoral muscles. When doing the exercise, do not tear your legs off the floor and make sure that the musculature of the body (especially the press) is in constant light tension – when lifting dumbbells you should feel how it helps you push the weight up.

Working out the shape of the chest

The shape of the pectoral muscles depends largely on genetics, but the slope of the body during exercise and the width of the setting of the hands affect how the muscles develop. The outer part of the chest, the most massive, is worked out by a horizontal bench press with dumbbells or a barbell.

While working on upper part of the chest use dumbbells or barbells on the bench with a slope of 45 degrees, for lower one use push-ups on the uneven bars or press bar with a reverse slope. For center pectoral muscles – with the help of dumbbells or broach on the simulator butterfly, as well as bench press narrower grip.

Why the chest does not grow – the main mistakes

If you train your chests intensively, but your muscles do not grow and your chest does not get the desired shape, you most likely allow one of two typical mistakes – either go after excessively large working scales to the detriment of technique or train the same beams of the pectoral muscle.

Periodically change the projectiles, so that in each training there were two or three non-repeating exercises. In addition, give preference to basic exercises with free weights, rather than focusing on simulators that are more suitable for completing a workout or for warm-up.

Prevention of injuries in the training of pectoral muscles

chest injuries

Bench press and push-ups are not among the traumatic exercises. What can I say then about the wiring-pullover, the information of the hands and stuff. But, nevertheless, traumas sometimes happen. Most often, the accumulated fatigue makes itself felt. A person has something hurts somewhere (shoulder, elbow, wrist), he bravely suffers pain, believing that the sport will thank him for diligence, but, instead, it gets harder and the training weights begin to grow down. You should never exercise through pain if this pain is in the joints or joints.


In order not to fall into such situations, it is necessary to distribute the load competently, and periodically give yourself a rest, and not when it is completely crooked. You also need to learn to distinguish between pain in the muscles and pain in the joint-ligament apparatus. If you feel discomfort in the ligaments or joints instead of the gym, you need to go to the doctor, and you need to do this quickly before the whole mechanism starts to bend.

Insufficient warm-up

The second point is connected with insufficient warm-up and violation of technology. When a heavy bar falls on the chest, it really hurts, and this is better not to admit. However, this kind of extreme happens very rarely. More often you can see how a man squeezes, wriggling his whole body, like a snake. Or from the very beginning, it is accustomed to tearing his ass from the bench and only at the expense of this raises the bar. This is fundamentally wrong, and this kind of deception is punished. Today, tearing his ass off, the guy squeezed a couple of times more (what a joy), but at the same time, for the future, he blocked his prospects for growth.

Training of chest muscles is one of the favorite training of bodybuilders since it is these muscles that form a strong and massive body. The main secrets of successful chest pumping are the constant progress of working scales, various exercises and the correct technique of execution.

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