10 Barbell Workouts for Arms

Here are the top 10 barbell workouts for arms to tone your biceps and triceps. You can perform a full arm workout with the barbell only an build big arms.

Barbell Workouts for Arms
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The barbell exercises are basically basic and are great for developing strength and increasing the mass of your muscles.

Unlike dumbbells, the use of the bar allows the simultaneous use of many muscle groups, making the exercise more intense, and therefore increases their effectiveness.

Exercises with the bar are successfully used for each muscle group and have a very strong impact on them with the correct technique.

Below you can find a lot of exercises with a barbell on each muscle group. For convenience, use the content.

Barbell workouts for arms

Here is the 10 best exercise for biceps and triceps.

1. Barbell biceps curl

barbell curl
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This exercise for hands from the category of basic, classical, and includes training programs for the biceps of all bodybuilders, without exception, both amateurs and professionals. The rod lift perfectly loads the entire biceps and provides a full range of motion.

Take the barbell grasp from below on the width of the shoulders. In the starting position, the bar is located near the hips. Taking a deep breath and holding your breath, bend your arms in the elbows, lifting the bar to your shoulders. At the upper point, hold up and strain your biceps, then slowly and controlled lower the bar down to the starting position. Since this exercise is basic, use heavyweight, but without sacrificing technique. In no case throw the bar down, but lower it slowly, pay special attention to the last segment of the movement. In the last few repetitions of the set, a minor “cheating” is allowed.

2. Biceps curl with EZ bar

ez biceps curl
Source: gymjunkies.com

Using a curved neck in this exercise can reduce the burden on the forearm. Suitable for those athletes whose work with the usual straight neck causes painful or uncomfortable sensations in the field of the forearms. Also, given that the load on the forearm is reduced, we can say that the biceps are now loaded more heavily.

3. Drag curl

drag curl

This exercise was invented by the famous Vince Gironde. Its peculiarity is the changed trajectory of movement: you, as it were, stretch the bar with biceps along the body, instead of a standard lift along the arc. This provides a reduced load on the forearms, as well as the impact on the target muscles from a different angle, which is extremely important for a variety of loads.

4. Preacher curl with barbell

preacher curl
Source: tipshealthylifestyle.com

This isolating exercise allows you to concentrate on training your biceps. Thanks to the emphasis on the bench, we can not help ourselves with the hull, when lifting. In this position, the bar rises solely due to the strength of the biceps, which allows them to work more deeply.

Given that at the beginning of the movement the load on the forearms is very high, then, in order to avoid injuries, it will be better to use a relatively small weight and to straighten the hand in the lower point of the movement not completely.

5. Barbell concentration curl

concentration barbell curl

Another isolating exercise on the biceps, which allows you to concentrate the bulk of the load on the peak of the bicep, making more of its top. This is one of the not many exercises that make biceps grow primarily in height, not in thickness.

This type of exercise also allows you to concentrate on training your biceps. The lying position excludes from the work the back and legs, due to which, in one way or another, even not arbitrarily assisted when lifting the bar to the bicep standing.

6. Reverse grip biceps curl

reverse biceps curl
Source: mensfitness.com

This exercise is more suitable for training forearms than biceps, since here the main load lies on the side part of the forearms, however, and biceps also get though not significant, in comparison with the classical lifting of the bar on the biceps, but still enough load.

The main goal of this exercise is to eliminate the imbalance between the forearms and the upper arm muscles, by strengthening the brushes. This is necessary for proportionality of hands and for avoiding all kinds of injuries when working the extensor muscles (triceps) with large weights.

7. Close grip bench press

close grip bench press triceps
Source: mensfitness.com

This exercise is for triceps basic. The press with a narrow grip roughly distributes the load between the triceps, pectoral muscles and deltas if one does not learn to stress the load on the triceps.

The middleweight bar should be taken from the middle (not narrow) grip from below. Back comfortably arrange on the bench, and firmly put the feet on the floor to maintain a stable balance. Straighten arms with a bar. The neck should be on the line of your shoulders. From this position, start bending your arms until the neck of the chest touches the top of it. And now the most important thing. remember, the elbows do not need to be kept parallel to each other. They should be diluted and make an angle of about 45 degrees with the body. Elbows and a wide grip on the right technique will help you to stress the load on the triceps.

Experiment with the width of the grip and elbows. Find the optimal position. Perhaps a horizontal bench will not be very convenient for you. I advise you to lower the edge of the bench on which your head lies. The fact is that such a position will load the triceps more, in addition, each has its own individual differences in the anatomy of the top of the trunk. They need to adapt, achieving maximum comfort while doing the exercise.

8. Reverse grip close grip bench press

Reverse Grip Close Grip Bench Press

This press is analogous to the previous one. It also perfectly affects all the triceps heads. However, the reverse grip gives the exercise a more natural, in terms of triceps work, shape.

9. Skullcrusher

skullcrusher on flat bench
Source: bodybuilding.com

This exercise is, along with push-ups, the best exercise for pumping the total mass of the triceps.

Lie down on a horizontal bench, holding the EZ-bar or barbell with a straight neck on the right arms above the chest. Without changing the position of the hands, bend your elbows and lower the bar to your face. Slowly controlled movement, squeeze the bar back to its original position. Elbows leave a little ground. It is very important that your elbows do not change positions during the entire exercise.

When you unbend your hands, tilt them slightly back, towards the head. This will not allow triceps to rest at the top of the exercise.

10. Skullcrusher on an incline bench

skull crushers incline
Source: bodybuilding.com

An inclined French press is a unique exercise for the hands, aiming the load in a long bundle of triceps. At the same time, breasts and deltas are minimally involved.

Take the position with your back down on the bench for a bench press and grasp the EZ-neck lying on the bench with a straight grip Feel the stretching of the triceps in the bottom position. Holding the arms bent at the elbows to a corner of 90 degrees. Slowly straighten your arms up, lift the weight. Then slowly lower it into the starting position.

If you do not feel the load in the triceps, then your elbows are not fixed. Movement of the elbows facilitates the exercise but makes it useless. Firmly rest your feet on the floor, but do not put them on the bench! Your body will lose its steady position, it will be much harder for you to hold the bar under the bar.

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